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11:05am Oct 02, 2018


Welcome to TIBCO LABS™

TIBCO LABS™ is a program designed to provide customers and partners with a mechanism for actively participating in TIBCO’s history of innovation. TIBCO has always been at the forefront of innovation, and TIBCO LABS™  allows participants to share in this history by collaboratively building solutions to today’s challenging problems, previewing new capabilities, and accessing emerging technologies in areas such as blockchain, AI / ML and IoT. Through TIBCO LABS™, customers and partners can gain insight into TIBCO’s innovation activities, participate in shaping the form of these activities in the years to come, and benefit from TIBCO’s leadership position in integration and analytics.

TIBCO LABS™ Projects - NEW Innovation Projects to inspire you!

For more details on how you can participate in TIBCO LABS™ , please reach out to your TIBCO representative, and check out the projects below.


TIBCO Cloud™ Starters - Quickstart Apps based on TIBCO Cloud™ Products.

TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App

TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App



Blockchain - Innovation Projects Looking at the World of Distributed Ledgers and Smart Contracts

Project Dovetail™



Chatbots and Conversational UIs - Looking at Having a Conversation with Your Data

Project Cloud Conversations



More to come...

...we have many innovation ideas in our back pocket!  Be sure to subscribe to updates and check us out regularly!  :)