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6:45am Sep 23, 2020


Writing applications can be difficult, especially when one is looking to create solutions that combine custom user interfaces, back-end microservices, analytics, rich visualizations, APIs, process management, and other capabilities into a single, cohesive experience.  

  • Which components work together?  
  • Where does one host all of these components?  
  • How do you eliminate the need to integrate the components before even building an integrated solution?  

TIBCO Cloud™ Starters, a TIBCO Labs™ project, is focused on bringing the power of the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud to solution development.  

With TIBCO Cloud™ Starters, customers can leverage the various capability domains located on the TIBCO Cloud™ to quickly build applications for their toughest business problems.  Combine best of breed capabilities such as microservices development, API management, process management, messaging, and analytics into a single, unified application using the templates established by the TIBCO Cloud™ Starters.  Begin with the templates, modify as needed, and even include custom UX code to quickly build, deploy, and scale complete business solutions.  

Available on the TIBCO Cloud™ marketplace, TIBCO Cloud™ Starters consists of two template applications (with more to come!).  

The My Partner App starter allows one to collaborate with business partners via case management techniques, notes, and documents, while the Risk Investigation App starter allows customers to tap into analytical insights and identify, track, and resolve transactions that meet certain AI/ML-driven criteria.  Customize the user interface with branding and layout selections, and enhance the backend services to meet your specific business requirements and to meet the needs of other business problems. (both based on older Angular.JS, newer Angular.IO samples can be found here

Initially developed by TIBCO, TIBCO Cloud™ Starters is planned to support additional templates in the future and to be further opened up to rich customization by customers and partners. This is also why we made all Components "Open-Code" as part of the new Starters Toolkit, plus available on GitHub, and based on the latest Angular.IO technology.

You can Sign-Up to TIBCO Cloud Trials, here.

TIBCO Cloud™ Starters Toolkit on GitHub

Check out the latest version of TIBCO Cloud Starters Toolkit on GitHub for TIBCO Cloud UI Developers.

All based on latest Angular.IO and fully Open Source.


TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App

TIBCO Cloud™ My Partner App allows you to collaborate with your business partners, by raising and tracking cases, exchanging notes and documents.

Based on Angular.JS (closed code, highly customizable)

> find all the Details on this My Partner App Community page, or on TIBCO Exchange.

TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App

TIBCO Cloud™ Risk Investigation App allows you to tap analytical insights to raise and track investigation cases. This Application combines major Benefits of TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps and TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire.

Based on Angular.JS (closed code, highly customizable)

> find all the Details on this Risk Investigation App Community page, or on TIBCO Exchange.

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