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The best TIBCO® NOW yet!  TIBCO NOW 2017!

That’s right – TIBCO NOW went global in a big way – starting in Singapore on March 27–28, 2017, then onto Berlin on June 6–7, ending in San Diego on October 25–26.

Click on the image above, or here for the agenda TIBCO and customers delivered during these three events.

Review this TIBCO Blog for links to all press-releases and blogs related to TIBCO NOW 2017

And join our re-cap Webinars for an overview of all product announcements made at TIBCO NOW 2017 - each Webinar will be made available on-demand:

  • Recap Augment Intelligence: Innovations in TIBCO Analytics by Brad Hopper VP, Analytics Product Management and Strategy - sign up here
  • Recap Interconnect Everything: Innovations in TIBCO Integration by Rajeev Kozhikkattuthodi, VP product management  - sign up here 

In the next section you will find the abstracts and pdfs of many of the customer and TIBCO presentations from the three events. We use embedded links, simply click on them!

Trailblazer Awards

The Trailblazer awards recognize achievements in digital transformation through strategically incorporating TIBCO solutions into business strategies. At each TIBCO NOW location we announced the winners who received the awards from TIBCO CEO Murray Rode. All award winners talked about the specific value they achieved implementing TIBCO Solutions and many of the stories have now been captured through case studies and/or video testimonials. Links in summary below. Stories from San Diego are being edited but will soon be available via our the customer section of the TIBCO Web Site


  • Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport and Vestas received the Trailblazer Innovator award - honouring a collaborative company focused on accelerating IT innovation across its business to provide remarkable product and service delivery to customers.
  • KB Kookmin Card and Iron Mountain Latin America were honoured with the Trailblazer Visionary award for their inspirational redefinition of their business in the wake of major technology disruption to deliver market-leading services and an exceptional customer experience globally.
  • Marina Bay Sands Singapore and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) were honored with the Trailblazer Impact Award in recognition of how it has leveraged a flexible, agile platform to revolutionize its IT strategy, facilitating operational excellence, increased competitiveness, and a superior customer experience.
  • AccorHotels Group and the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) received the Trailblazer Pioneer Award which recognizes innovative organizations that have transformed IT into a competitive asset able to lower total cost of ownership, improve workflows, and increase agility. 
  • Nielsen and Reliance Jio received the Trailblazer Transformer award which recognizes agile organizations that leverage the TIBCO platform to drive digital transformation, enabling broad interconnections among systems and people, and augmenting intelligence for unprecedented understanding and the ability to act quickly.

TIBCO Blog with further details and pictures on the Singapore Trailblazer Awards, the Berlin Trailblazer Awards and ​​​San Diego Trailblazer Awards

TIBCO® Now 2017 General Sessions

Here is a 3-minute summary video with highlights of the keynotes in the General Session:

Digital, Smarter: Industry Perspectives

Industry Perspectives: Financial Services 

Few industries have seen as much disruption as Financial Services. Nowhere has the impact of rapidly shifting customer experience expectations been greater—especially with respect to channel shift and how banking, insurance, brokerage, and payments consumers are choosing to interact with providers and merchants. Digital leaders have shown the ability to understand consumer trends analytically, use powerful technologies to enable shifting channels, and continuously improve customer experience and loyalty. Join TIBCO and industry experts as we discuss this historic digital shift and the smart paths to leadership.

Industry Perspectives: Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Initiatives are transforming the manufacturing landscape. Smart factories, products, services, and supply chains are being powered by the latest machine learning technologies, streaming sensor data, and real-time monitoring technologies. Leading manufacturers and equipment vendors are already gaining competitive advantage through improved product quality, equipment utilization, throughput, efficiency, and profitability. Join these leaders and TIBCO’s industry experts to learn how to maximize the value of all your supplier, process, equipment, and product data by deploying these technologies to empower your entire organization.

  • pdf of presentation slides Industry Perspectives: Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
  • pdf of Western Digital customer presentation:  Intelligence Augmentation in High-Tech Manufacturing
    • Notes on use of the Western Digital slide deck: 1) Western Digital retains all rights, including intellectual property rights, to its slides, 2) Western Digital does not permit anyone to modify any of its slides without its express written permission, 3) The Western Digital slides may only be posted on the mutually agreed upon website as permitted by Western Digital in writing. Posting on any other website is strictly prohibited without Western Digital’s express written consent, 4) Western Digital reserves the right to request any and/or all Western Digital slides to be removed, at any time, at its sole discretion.

Industry Perspectives: Travel and Tourism

Digital transformation in Travel and Tourism is leading to improved customer experiences, more efficient operations, reduced disruptions, and optimized staff performance. Companies in the lead are already seeing significant improvements, with a clear path forward to even greater success. You will hear from United Airlines on how their journey toward digital transformation has improved flight operations, baggage movement, and more. The results include reduced disruptions and improved communications with customers and staff. Join these leaders, and TIBCO’s industry experts, to see how you can unleash the true value in your data to stay competitive and drive innovation

Brussels Airlines co-presented in Berlin on how they have entered the digital era by efficiently managing and visualizing their key data assets to make the right decisions and guide business processes. They shared insights into their digital strategy and presented real-life examples involving on-board life vests and shipments of tropical fruits.

Augment Intelligence

Customer Presentations

Royal Bank of Canada: Scaling Data Science & Empowering the Masses with Statistica

Renowned for its ease of use, Statistica allows users to create advanced analytic and data prep workflows without having to write a single line of code. Join this informative session and hear how a strategic workforce management data science team is using Statistica advanced analytics to provide key insights into employee engagement, retention, performance, best practices, sourcing, and manager effectiveness. Learn how Statistica can help accelerate innovation, scale data science, and infuse algorithms within your business.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Achieving our Goal using IoT and Data Science  

A case study from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines on IoT and data science for luggage and passenger tracking improving operational efficiency and advancing the core KLM customer-centric mission.

    Aeroporti di Roma: Aeroporti di Roma Boosts Customer Experience through Intelligent Monitoring

    Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) manages both airports in Rome, including Fiumicino Airport, which is one of the first 10 airports in Europe with more than 47 million passengers yearly. To boost customer experience, ADR leverages TIBCO technology, including TIBCO StreamBase to track and visualize real-time passenger ow. It is now using this information to improve customer experience, streamline operations control, identify revenue opportunities, and also track KPIs.

    University of Cambridge: Design Reports that Make Data “Over-the- Counter” & Easy to Use

    Most people misunderstand most data they view. Fortunately, misunderstandings can be easily avoided when data reports adhere to research-based data reporting standards. This 8-page checklist of best practices, which synthesizes the findings of over 300 research studies, helps you make data “over-the-counter” (easy to use without an expert’s assistance). The speaker shares these data reporting standards in the post doc masterclass she teaches at University of Cambridge, in a TEDx talk, and in books she has written based on her research and expertise in data display. This session provides attendees with the standards, other free resources, and an understanding of how to design reports using TIBCO Jaspersoft so users can understand data easily, quickly, and accurately.

    Lufthansa Systems: Making Reporting Sexy Again at Lufthansa Systems

    Lufthansa Systems is a leader in global aviation with more than 300 airlines as customers. As founders of the Data Services team, we introduced TIBCO JasperReports® in the company, and made available a modern reporting system for various products, providing an alternative to traditional reporting. Some innovations we brought to Lufthansa: embedded reporting, complex integration with JIRA, reports based on MongoDB, and adhoc reporting on Hadoop/Hive. The agile approach enables more advanced reporting, with faster delivery, and lower overall costs for us and our customers. The reporting solutions recently deployed proved that TIBCO JasperReports® Server ts well into our broader vision of Agile Analytics.

    Jetblue: How JetBlue is Leveraging Operational Data to Improve Customer Experience

    For airlines, delivering deep insights into real-time data across business units is paramount for on-time flights and satisfied customers. In this session, learn how JetBlue has significantly improved operations with TIBCO Spotfire―from managing missed connections and flight issues to accommodating passengers during natural disasters. In airports, flight operations, and contact centers across the world, see how better visibility into flight and passenger data has helped the airline become more operationally efficient in just one year since implementation.

    Independent Data Services: Analyzing Best Practices with TIBCO Jaspersoft

    Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) or Dutch Railways - Internet of Trains, How TIBCO products help to fulfil our strategy. This presentation was one of the Keynote sessions in Berlin

    Brussels Airlines: Digital Insights

    Melbourne Airport and Nukon: EACC Situational Awareness Platform

    KB Kookmin Card: Maximize the Value of Customer Event Data

    Vestas: Delivering Self-Service Analytics to the Entire Value Chain with TIBCO Spotfire

    Illuminate Education: How Jaspersoft powers Illuminate Education's Education Intelligence Platform

    TIBCO Presentations

    Driving Business Value through Customer Analytics

    Investing in customer data collection is only the beginning. It is imperative that marketers are able to turn customer transaction data into actionable insights for customer acquisition, growth, and retention. By building a customer analytics capability, you can make better decisions impacting all aspects of customer experience. This session will discuss the impact of customer analytics on your business for applications such as cross-sell, lifetime value, and retention. Topics include: segmentation, propensity, and affinity analysis in the context of intelligent, triggered engagement based on real-time data flows. These analysis methods are illustrated in the context of real-world customer case studies.

    Real-time Monitoring for IoT Use Cases

    Remote real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, combined with modern analytic techniques, drives significant value in heavy industries such as Energy, Logistics, and Manufacturing. We will show you how to use TIBCO Spotfire, R, TIBCO Statistica, TIBCO StreamBase, and TIBCO® Live Datamart to address use cases such as improving asset uptime, optimizing maintenance schedules, and prioritizing engineering programs. The presentation includes a customer case study on IoT.

    TIBCO Spotfire Hybrid Cloud Architecture Deep Dive

    TIBCO Spotfire® is available for the cloud, on premises, as well as in hybrid configurations where some functionality is on premises, and some functionality is accessed through TIBCO CloudTM Spotfire® subscriptions. If you have business requirements that demand flexibility, attend this session to learn why Spotfire is the best in class with it’s innovative hybrid cloud architecture.

    AI-driven Data Discovery and Cognitive Search to Accelerate Big Data Insights with Spotfire Smart Data Catalog

    Looking for the right data across departmental silos is not a great use of analyst time. The TIBCO Spotfire® Smart Data Catalog, a new data connectivity and management solution, makes it dramatically easy to find new data and insights using AI and cognitive search, just like online shopping. Join us to see how to simplify and scale your smart data discovery.

    Orchestrating and Managing Enterprise Analytics

    This session is ideal for companies wanting to grow their analytic environment beyond a few models and algorithms. As enterprise companies depend more on analytics, the need to orchestrate across diverse data and systems environments becomes critical. Managing hundreds of models and algorithms, and maintaining governance, will be a pivotal cross road. This session addresses how to save time and money, leverage ROI from big data investments, and scale analytic teams to the the next level.

    Deploying Embedded BI in Modern Application Architectures

    Traditional applications are monolithic and hard to change and run on expensive servers, making them difficult to maintain and scale. Modern applications run in containerized environments and benefit from new efficiencies in computing, memory, and scalability. Attend this session to learn how TIBCO Jaspersoft® for Docker helps you leverage container technology to build and package better analytics into your apps.

    TIBCO Jaspersoft: The New Era of Competitive Advantage for Software Makers

    Business applications are in the midst of a major shift in how data is delivered to end-users. Almost all applications these days include some form of reporting and analytics. Attend this session to learn how TIBCO Jaspersoft helps you improve the value of your applications with embedded analytics.

    Interconnect Everything

    Customer Presentations

    T-Mobile: Best Practices in Migrating from TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 to a TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Hybrid Integration Platform

    As businesses undergo a digital transformation, they demand agility and require applications to be deployed in a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment. Learn how you can take your TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 applications and migrate them to a cloud or a hybrid environment of choice.

    T-Mobile and HCL America: Containerizing Middleware

    In today’s competitive world, time-to-market becomes key for survival and growth of any enterprise. Reducing and breaking up the monolithic infrastructure and applications become equally important. Cloud native microservices with an API-first approach coupled with DevOps and agile practices are deemed as the right approach to achieve these goals. In this session, we will explain how an Enterprise embarks on this journey using the power of TIBCO BusinessWorksTM Container Edition on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

    SL: What’s New with TIBCO Middleware Monitoring

    Proactive performance monitoring of TIBCO integration platforms is the most effective way to avoid problems. Learn about how TIBCO® RTView® is constantly evolving to meet demand for consolidated visibility across the latest TIBCO technologies deployed in modern multi-cloud, PaaS, and hybrid environments.

    Eagleview: What’s New with TIBCO Cloud Integration, and How EagleView Uses It To Drive Transformation

    Connecting SaaS applications goes beyond just integration. It changes the way things are done and has material impacts on your business. When done right, these impacts can be transformational. In this session, we will cover exciting new capabilities in TIBCO Cloud Integration, and discuss how our customer, EagleView, not only changed how integration was done, but also set the stage for transformational change.

    Arizona Public Services and Infosys: API and Microservices

    To improve energy consumption, support future needs, and become a full participant in the API economy, APS aims to develop a modern, cloud-enabled, standards-based hybrid integration strategy enabling an internal API marketplace. It plans to modernize its integration architecture from a predominantly Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to an API-based integration platform. The session will provide the objective, approach, and key benefits to APS from this strategy.

    John Hancock and Cognizant: Integration Journey towards Digital Economy

    In today’s digital economy, integration plays a major role in your ability to compete. With deep knowledge and expertise, Cognizant helps clients through their integration journeys
    to the digital economy. This session describes how, without changing its ERP and legacy applications, a large insurance customer with hard-to-change business processes and tightly coupled systems and applications evolved to a real-time, scalable, resilient platform providing agile processes and fast time-to-market. Consider this session a cookbook for achieving an API-first, cloud-native, future-proof architecture.

    London Theatre Direct Disrupts the Theater Industry with APIs

    London Theatre Direct (LTD) is one of the leading providers of theater tickets in the UK, with access to four million tickets at any one time. Find out how LTD uses the TIBCO Mashery platform to implement an open API program and transform its business, delivering innovation and disruption in online ticket sales and driving phenomenal growth.

    Tractor Supply Corporation: Deliver High-quality Master Data in Real-time for Trusted Insights

    Your organization has access to an increasing volume and variety of data, which is fast becoming one of your most important assets for fueling decisions and driving innovation. But you really can’t depend on it—and more importantly, the insights and business decisions based on it—unless you’re governing the master data, synchronizing it in real time, and managing quality. Make your master data a trusted source of insights with TIBCO® MDM. Join us to gain an advance look at what lies ahead for TIBCO MDM. Additionally, learn how Tractor Supply is using TIBCO Spot re and TIBCO MDM to improve product data quality and pave the way for additional investments.

    ABN AMRO and Infosys: Digitization of ABN AMRO Products in the Mobile Journey

    ABN AMRO Bank will share its IT strategy for digitization of products for its ever-growing mobile customer base. They will show their unique web and app strategy and how TIBCO offerings support the convergence of process and mobile and rapid-app creation to deliver a mobile customer journey.

    AccorHotels - Customer Experience and Digital Transformation - This presentation was one of the Keynote sessions in Berlin

    Citi Singapore: Can Banks Self-Disruptor is the Epitaph already Written?

    TIBCO Presentations

    Reinventing Application Integration for the Digital World

    Success in the digital economy requires a different approach to integration. Join us to hear more about the new features and functionality in TIBCO’s flagship integration offering, TIBCO BusinessWorksTM. We’ll cover the product strategy and provide insight into what’s coming to the platform.

    Introduction to TIBCO Cloud Messaging

    As more IT endpoints move outside of the data center, the need for reliable, high-volume cloud messaging services will continue to increase. In this session we will provide an overview of new TIBCO CloudTM Messaging. If you are leveraging a multi-cloud strategy, creating web-scale, cloud- based applications, communicating with a large number of mobile or IoT devices, or just need a reliable messaging service without all the infrastructure headaches, you will want to understand how TIBCO Cloud Messaging will help.

    Best Practices for Building Cloud-native Apps with TIBCO BusinessWorks

    With application architecture evolving to leverage the benefits of a cloud-native architecture deployed to containers such as Docker, or to PaaS, such as Cloud Foundry, your integration needs to evolve, too. In this session, we will explore how you can bring the power of TIBCO BusinessWorks and DevOps practices to building cloud-native applications using TIBCO BusinessWorksTM Container Edition.

    Transform at Digital Speed with TIBCO Cloud Live Apps

    How can you modernize your application delivery strategy and infrastructure to address the increasing demands of the business? And how do you get ahead of customers’ digital expectations? TIBCO’s new low-code offering helps you change the rules of business app delivery and transform at digital speed. Attend this live demo session to understand how TIBCO Cloud Live Apps empowers citizen developers to quickly and easily create smart business apps in minutes and keep up with the incredible pace of change in the digital economy.

    Transforming the Edge with Project Flogo

    Get caught up with Project Flogo, TIBCO’s open source, ultralight microservices framework for the edge. Explore some of the unique features and benefits of leveraging a lightweight framework built from the ground up for an edge and cloud-native world. Spend time exploring the newly introduced features and how you can leverage Flogo to bring robust intelligence to your edge microservices.

    Overview of TIBCO Mashery API Management Platform

    Get an overview of the TIBCO Mashery® API Management platform, its product strategy and direction, and how it meets your needs over the full API lifecycle. Understand how Mashery can help you securely repurpose your existing data to implement your digital initiatives faster, manage your API portfolio and community of users, and deploy a customized portal for others to access your APIs.

    Think Small: API Microarchitecture for the Enterprise

    Leading edge applications today incorporate microservices with real-time operation and smart analytics and streaming APIs. These components can be deployed into complex ecosystems of hardware devices and other software components that span the enterprise and beyond. Come hear how TIBCO can help you adapt this class of modern real- time applications that are micro-sized, highly distributed, and event-oriented.

    Graph Databases in a Connected World

    Today’s connected world requires us to think differently about data storage. Traditional relational models are not sufficient for storing, querying, and analyzing complex big data relationships, and businesses require rapid access to information that is highly connected, dynamic, and rapidly evolving. Join this session to learn about graph databases, related use cases, and how TIBCO’s Graph Database may be utilized to provide fast, scalable access to connected data.

    Wipro: Middleware Modernization: Lay the Foundation to Your Digital Success

      An integration platform that will rapidly connect applications and deliver data-driven insights at the right time and at scale is the key to digital success. Drawing upon its experience in transforming large mission-critical middleware landscapes, Wipro will present a holistic approach to modernization that combines a digital integration platform with processes, tools, delivery methodologies, and organization structures to help transform the integration middleware into a driver for innovation.

      TIBCO® NOW 2018


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