TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® Overview
Last updated:
6:59am Mar 15, 2018


TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® is data analytics software-as-a-service designed for data mining. Everything you need is available on the cloud — no installation, just analytics. Whether you are a solo user or analyzing alongside a team, we have monthly and annual options available to meet your needs. Try TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® today by starting a free trial!

Spotfire Cloud Detailed Overview and Specifications

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Getting Started

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Cloud User Guide
Do you prefer reading how to do something? Check out this guide to learn how to get the most out of TIBCO Cloud Spotfire. You get tips on how to get started with analyzing data as well as get detailed information on what you can do, and how.

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Cloud Video Library
Do you prefer watching how to do something? Check out this library of 50+ beginner, intermediate and advanced videos on topics ranging from getting started, wrangling your data, using functions, building visualizations, and more.

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Trial Toolkit
Are you trialing or thinking about trialing Spotfire? If so bookmark and check out this toolkit which is designed to ensure you have a successful trial and enjoyable trial experience and includes a set of trial milestones, enablement assets mapped to these milestones, and more.