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Last updated:
11:33am Nov 23, 2020

TIBCO Spotfire® Customer Success Center is updated biweekly to share insights for igniting your analytics program. Note: If you're brand new to Spotfire, you may want to first checkout the orientation page.

NEW: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Visual Analysis Hub

The information landscape regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing in real-time. To support our communities in managing the effects of the virus, we set up this information hub and visual data science analyses.

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Education Corner

  • June 17: Dr. Data Science Office Hours | More
  • June 23: Digital Transformation Journey | More
  • July 7: Dr. Spotfire Office Hours | More
  • July 23: Machine Learning in Production | More
  • Aug 6: TIBCO Labs Quarterly Webinar | More
  • On Demand: Get Started w/ Data Science More
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  • How to style your Action Buttons: More
  • How to create a feature that goes and gets the next 50 rows or previous 50 rows: More
  • How to import R graph build in R Studio in to Spotfire Analyst: More
  • Creating a "donut chart" in spotfire: More
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Dr. Spotfire

Demo Gallery


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  • Currency Hedging: More
  • 2018 Gartner BI Bakeoff: Opioid Crisis More
  • Marketing Campaign Performance: More
  • District Mapping: More
  • World Energy Analysis: More
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