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TIBCO Solution Partners are an important part of our ecosystem to help you be successful with our products, and to help complement our company with vertical industry and technical expertise.

(If you are a partner, we invite you to add yourself to this Wiki page and provide our community a quick summary of your expertise, background, and how you partner with TIBCO. For example, do you provide templates or services? Link to a Wiki page you post here to share information about use cases you've been involved with, and so on. Please use the following template when adding yourself to this page:

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Agilexi: Leverage every aspect of SAP BW data and BEx queries without writing a line of code and at speeds 100x faster than existing solutions. 

Automated Insights is the creator of Wordsmith, the software revolutionizing the way professionals produce content using data. Wordsmith helps data-driven industries achieve scale, efficiency and personalization in the writing process.  Wordsmith is the world’s only natural language template engine, allowing users to create plain-language explanations of TIBCO Spotfire® charts. Our open API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of TIBCO Spotfire charts and graphs.

Bahwan CyberTek ("BCT") is the sole distrubutor of TIBCO products in the Mid-East and worldwide distribtor for OpenSpirit. BCT is your trusted advisor and premier partner, bringing rich domain and technology expertise coupled with unique, innovative, industry-specific digital solutions in the areas of digital journey management, early warning systems and model validation, customer experience, and operational assets analytics, powered by the Industrial Internet of Things, AI, and Machine Learning, and delivering transformational value. BCT specializes in oil and gas, power/renewables, banking, financial services and insurance, retail, telco, and supply chain and logistics, hi-tech helping customers transform and achieve operational excellence, optimized costs, and exponential growth.

Cadeon Inc.  Cadeon is the leading provider of data and information management services. We are a premiere TIBCO VAR in Canada and specialize in innovative solutions that help businesses make data-driven decisions, recover lost revenue and predict future business trends. To-date, we’ve helped our clients discover over $300M in business dollars as a result of our personalized, innovative, fast and measurable approach. We specialize in Spotfire, Data Virtualization and Content Analytics.

DEFTeamSubscription support, consulting and System Integration services for custom built Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solution.

Discngine: Brings Spotfire expertise to Life Science Research organizations. Our connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot® provide seamless integration of scientific content into TIBCO Spotfire® 

EPAM: EPAM's Enterprise Analytics is the business-facing EPAM team for data services. Our consultants lead cultural transformation programs designed to embed data-driven decision-making into the organization’s fundamental operating model. We deliver agile MVP projects, analytics factories of multiple types (prototyping, production applications, expansions, etc), software licenses that extend the capabilities of the platform that you have, or the platform you’re looking to build.

Genware Computer Systems Inc.Your coach for self service data analysis using TIBCO Spotfire. Software and Consulting services including product evaluation, implementation and hosting. Complex data and application integration, with a focus on end user enablement and project assistance.

HalpenfieldTIBCO Spotfire consultants, data scientists and technologists using TIBCO Spotfire to help solve complex business problems, define solutions and build bespoke tools.

KNIME: Using TIBCO Spotfire and KNIME open platform gives you the ability to rapidly iterate and visualize your analyses in a code-free environment for improved speed to insight. 

MongoDB: The leading modern, general purpose database platform and TIBCO Spotfire powers a semi-structured application built for auto-forecasting and rapid competitor analysis.

ORTEC: Optimization and analytics solutions making your business more efficient, more predictable and more effective - cross-industry operations research expertise. 

OSISoftConnecting sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence with PI System and TIBCO Spotfire - Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, and more.

RightTime: We help Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering teams build world-class Digital Oilfield systems by developing workflows, dashboards and predictive analytics capabilities to optimise the production and ultimate recovery of your asset.

Ruths.ai: Data Science firm, expertise in Oil&Gas and Marketplace for Modular apps for TIBCO Spotfire - visualizations, connectors, tools, templates.

StrategenicsTIBCO Spotfire consultants, data scientists and technologists using TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO platform technologies to help solve complex business problems, define solutions and build bespoke tools. Based in Queensland, Australia, Strategenics delivers projects throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

Quintus: TIBCO Spotfire consultants for Business Intelligence solutions for multinationals in the energy- pharmaceutical and financial- area. 

WG Consulting: Houston based TIBCO Spotfire consultants servicing top enterprise clients in their quest for value through data insights.

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