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This page contains links to our Solution pages. It then points to resources you can use to build your own solutions on the TIBCO platform.

Industry Solution Wiki pages


Energy Solutions for Oil & Gas, Wind and Solar 


Manufacturing Analytics involves a wide variety of solutions to better understand equipment, processes, products, operations, customers and sales; and then to act on the insights gained.  These solutions are used in manufacturing companies across the globe in the following industries:  semiconductor, electronics and medical devices; automotive & aviation; equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals; chemicals, metals and mining and consumer packaged goods

 CPG & Retail

Retailers have many things to consider: assortment, brands and private label, category performance, promotions, pricing, margins, supply-chain, store locations, omni-channel. Ultimately customers are the key priority with an objective to increase customer satisfaction and sales. Understanding customer needs and behaviours in an increasingly digital retail environment is key. Visual, predictive and streaming analytics, including machine learning tools provide opportunities to analyze customer and operational data. And to optimize processes by acting on the insights gained. TIBCO helps you build out a wide variety of retail solutions and this page will provide you with examples.  These solutions are used in many CPG & Retail companies throughout the world selling products as well as services: Consumer Packaged Goods, Clothing, Beauty products, Gardening & Outdoor, Electronics, Financial Services, Sports & Entertainment and Travel to name a few

 Travel, Transportation and Logistics

We travel for leisure and business. And we have high expectations in terms of personalization and real-time updates about all aspects of our trips. If you work in a travel or transportation company, understanding and optimizing the customer journey will likely be a priority. There are opportunities to improve customer loyalty and increase spending prior, during and after the trip.

 Financial Services

Solutions for fighting fraud, compliance and risk, ensuring shared best practises, magnifying transparency and customer analytics.  


Solutions for fighting telco fraud, improving customer experience, ensure uptime of remote equipment.  


Horizontal Solution Wiki pages

 Customer Analytics 

Customer Analytics involves a wide variety of tools for analyzing customer data, understanding customer behavior and acting on those insights.  By building a customer analytics capability, you can make better decisions impacting all aspects of customer experience. 

 Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and Streaming Sensor Analytics

The expansion of connected sensor data creates new business opportunities for monitoring machine performance and failures in the field and on the factory floor.  Service organizations have up-sell opportunities to offer options to their customers for maximizing value of their assets. Manufacturers can increase uptime, minimize costs, and optimize processes for expensive equipment on the factory floor. 

Watch a short video on Industrial Equipment Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis with TIBCO's Insight Platform.  Visit the Industrial Internet of Things and Streaming Sensor Analytics Wiki page

 Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is a way of detecting abnormal behavior. In this section you will find educational material on various techniques, use-caes as well as links to hands-on examples and templates of using TIBCO technologies.  

Demo Gallery

Interactive Demo Gallery:  See many examples of Spotfire applications and dashboards that cover a wide range of use cases and industries 

Component Exchange

Analytics components on the Exchange:  Download data functions, analysis templates and accelerators that enable you to easily extend Spotfire capabilities.