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This page provides an overview of various TIBCO Spotfire® Tips&Tricks resources.  Learn how easy it is to do things using simple tricks you may not have known about.

Tips & Tricks on TIBCO Community

Data Access

Data Wrangling


Advanced Visualizations


Data Functions 

Advanced Analytics

Best Practices & Top Tricks Series

Dr. Spotfire

Dr. Spotfire is back and ready as ever to help guide new and existing Spotfire users at all levels. Check out what Dr Spotfire’s online office hours have to offer you by registering here for a live session. And that’s not all! If you are ready to showcase interesting visuals and gain deeper insights into your data, join the conversation on Twitter using the #DrSpotfire hashtag! Topics discussed in the Dr. Spotfire live sessions may very well end up as a Tips&Tricks blog on the TIBCO Community in order for everyone to benefit.

For more resources see Essential Spotfire Analytics Resources and Customer Success Center.

Tips & Tricks TIBCO Blogs

Tips & Tricks Blog section on the TIBCO Web Site this blog series will include the Spotfire Tips&Tricks of the Community Wiki. A Nice feature is that you can sign up for email updates and be informed of new and other blogs relevant to you.

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