TIBCO Spotfire® Web Services API Overview

Last updated:
5:40am May 05, 2021

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TIBCO Spotfire® Server offers the following REST APIs: 

SOAP Web Services

TIBCO Spotfire® Server offers the following SOAP web services APIs: 

  • Library Service - Manages the TIBCO Spotfire Server Library.
  • User Directory Service - Manages users and groups in the TIBCO Spotfire Server.
  • Update Analysis Service - Updates a Spotfire Web Player analysis externally.
  • License Service - Manages Licenses and License Functions in the the TIBCO Spotfire Server.
  • Information Model Service - Updates the configuration of an Information Model data source.

Note: The legacy version of the SOAP Web Services API has been removed in TIBCO Spotfire® Server 10.3. You can find migration instructions here.

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