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This page has information about capabilities, architecture and administration of Spotfire products.

Spotfire for the Enterprise: An Overview for IT Administrators: This whitepaper is intended for those wanting information on TIBCO Spotfire® administration and deployment capabilities: its architecture, data connection, security, scalability, administration, and performance.

Spotfire in the Cloud

TIBCO Spotfire® is available in the following editions:

What is provided on each edition? How to compare them? How do they work?
Check out our TIBCO Spotfire Cloud FAQ for an overview of the TIBCO Spotfire® Editions so you can choose the right one for you.

If you want to know more about TIBCO Cloud Spotfire TIBCO Spotfire Cloud Overview.

Spotfire Documentation

Where to find all latest user guides, admin guides, developer guides for Spotfire?

Spotfire Deployment

Automatic deployment

Do you want to automate the deployment of your Spotfire environments?

Check out our quickstart for TIBCO Spotfire using the 2 most used agnostic configuration management tools: Terraform and Ansible:

You can also use custom scripts and information for silent, scripted installation of the Spotfire server components. Here you have an example:

Deploy in the Cloud

Do you wonder how to manually deploy Spotfire in the major Cloud Service Providers?


Do you want to deploy Spotfire using containers? 

Advanced Administration Procedures

Our community is constantly contributing with many articles on advanced administration tasks. Here you have some of the most relevant ones:


  • Spotfire Server and Authentication Supported
  • Custom/External Authentication in TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 - Many customers want to embed TIBCO Spotfire Web Player into a portal or other web application and secure access by passing authentication information from the portal to TIBCO Spotfire. Customers also have internal Web application security standards that require Single-Sign-On to all web applications which would include TIBCO Spotfire Web Player. TIBCO Spotfire supports these scenarios via custom and external authentication. With TIBCO Spotfire 7.5, the architecture has changed such that the support for these scenarios has moved from the TIBCO Spotfire Web Player to the TIBCO Spotfire Server.
  • Configuring Anonymous Access to Analysis Files in Spotfire 7.5 - Many customers want to embed TIBCO Spotfire Web Player into a portal or other web application and have these analysis files available to users who are not authenticated. In TIBCO Spotfire 7.5, since the Spotfire Server is handling all client requests and authentication, there are a set of options that allow anonymous access to certain analysis files within the Spotfire Library.
  • Spotfire Server Disaster Recovery Options - Discuses various options for handling disaster recovery in a Spotfire environment.


Performance and Diagnostics

Managing Spotfire's third party software

Spotfire Mobile

Mobile Capabilities - Spotfire represents the state of the art in visual data discovery, analytic applications and self service dashboard creation - and also also extends its capabilities into Mobile dashboards/apps.

Data Access

Data Administrators support users in connecting to their enterprise data sources

  • Spotfire Data Access Wiki page - This page covers getting your data it into a form convenient for visualization or analysis. That includes accessing, cleaning, joining, limiting, summarizing and transforming data.
  • The Spotfire Data Access FAQ provides answers to general data access questions from best practices to performance to prompting, etc.
  • The Spotifre JDBC Data Access Connectivity Details Wiki page provides data source templates and other details regarding various data sources that have JDBC drivers. This a wide range of data sources including Impala, Hive, HBase, , Drill, Access DB, Redshift, SAP HANA, etc. Please visit the page to see the entire list of data sources since additional ones are continually being added.
  • How to load data from a simple URL or Web Service in Spotfire Analyst - Using Add Data from File in Spotfire Analyst, one can add data from a smple URL or Web Service just by pasting the URL into the File name text box.

Learn More

The Spotfire Products page has links to documentation and trial versions of the software

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