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9:31am Nov 24, 2020

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Spotfire Mods is a framework for building analytic applications on Spotfire by integrating JavaScript visualizations, have them look and feel like Spotfire native visualizations and leverage the built-in capabilities of Spotfire. 

With Spotfire Mods, users can quickly build new interactive visualization types, called visualization mods, and use them in Spotfire like any other visualization. By connecting to any Spotfire data source and integrating with data science and other built-in Spotfire capabilities, you can create highly customized analytic applications directly within the Spotfire environment.

Spotfire Mods greatly expands the types of visualizations accessible to Spotfire Analysts, Authors and Consumers by enabling customers, partners and 3rd party developers to easily build and distribute new visualization types to the Spotfire community. This makes analytics available for more business users that get access to a rich set of fit-for-purpose specialized visualizations for different business problems.

Spotfire Mods allows web developers to build new Spotfire visualizations that automatically take advantage of Spotfire’s self-service data access, data wrangling, visual analytics, advanced analytics, embedded BI and reporting capabilities. Instead of building one-off custom dashboards and applications from scratch - web developers can focus on their added value and rely on Spotfire to handle everything else.

Visualization mods are developed with web technologies, such as JavaScript and HTML. Developers can access the Spotfire functionality with a simple API and they can integrate any third-party JavaScript visualization library.

Visualization mods can easily be reused in different Spotfire analyses with different configurations and data sets, that can be in-memory data, in-database data, streaming data and data-on-demand from any Spotfire supported data source.

Getting started with Mods development

The Getting started guide describes the steps needed to get a mod running in development mode, inside Spotfire.

Spotfire Mods GitHub pages contain all assets needed for mod development, such as guides, tutorials, API documentation, templates and source code examples.


Spotfire Mods is available on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire® and on all other Spotfire environments with version TIBCO Spotfire® 11.0 or later.