TIBCO Statistica® Survival & Failure Time Analysis

Last updated:
12:39pm Sep 29, 2020

The techniques available in the Survival & Failure Time Analysis module were primarily developed in the medical and biological sciences, but they are also widely used in the social and economic sciences, as well as in engineering. This module provides the ability to:

  • Compare the survivorship functions in different groups using the Gehan's Wilcoxon test, Cox's F-test, Cox-Mantel test, Log-rank test, or Peto & Peto's Wilcoxon test.
  • Calculate Kaplan-Meier product limit estimates.
  • Visualize Kaplan-Meier plots for groups.
  • Explore common theoretical distributions of survival times: Exponential, Linear Hazard, Gompertz, and Weibull.
  • Display specialized diagrams and graphs to aid in the interpretation of results like cumulative proportions surviving/failing, patterns of censored data, hazard and cumulative hazard functions, probability density functions, group comparison plots, distribution fitting plots, various residual plots, etc.

See also Cox Proportional Hazards Models module.