TIBCO Statistica® T-Tests And Other Tests Of Group Differences

Last updated:
12:40pm Sep 29, 2020

T-tests for dependent and independent samples, as well as single samples (testing means against user-specified constants) can be computed. 

Flexible options are provided to allow comparisons between variables (e.g., treating the data in each column of the input spreadsheet as a separate sample) and coded groups (e.g., if the data includes a categorical variable such as Gender to identify group membership for each case). For the t-test for independent samples, options are provided to compute t-tests with separate variance estimates, Levene and Brown-Forsythe tests for homogeneity of variance, various box-and-whisker plots, categorized histograms and probability plots, categorized scatterplots, etc.

Other more specialized tests of group differences are part of many modules (e.g., Nonparametrics, Survival Analysis and Reliability/Item Analysis