TIBCO® Cloud Integration and Postman
Last updated:
4:32am Jan 25, 2017

here an simple Sample of how to use TIBCO® Cloud Integration (TCI) and Postman in 4 Steps.

Step 1: create a Project with TIBCO® Cloud Integration Business Studio 
e.g. here a dummy Service to validate a IBAN Number in a bigger Banking Procedure

Step 2: Publish your Service to the Cloud


Step 3: Test your Service within TCI

Step 4: Test your Service using Postman

Finally you can add a Microflow to your Microservice Implemenation, to add e.g. throttling, caching or transformations, & add custom responses.
Next, you scale your service easily - by just ticking a box to add services instances.

These Microflows coming automatically with Metrics and Logs about your Service execution.