Top 5 TIBCO Spotfire® tips

Last updated:
9:19am Mar 11, 2020

No matter your role, here's a collection of Top 5 Tips for all users.

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Introduction to Community

How To Videos

Customer Success Center

Get ?s Answered

Essential Resources

Essential Resources

Mainstream vs LTS

Use cases & Demos


How To Videos:

  1. Access a wide range of free learning videos from getting started to predictive analytics.
  2. Check out the Spotfire Enablement Hub. To get users just what is needed to skill up quickly and easily.
  3. View free samples from TIBCO Education.
  4. Watch TIBCO Spotfire Youtube channel for quick videos on emerging topics.
  5. Take advantage of our free monthly orientation webinars.

Coming Soon! -- more detailed persona-based training paths

Get ?s Answered:

  1. Leverage the Support Portal's federated search across knowledgebase articles, wiki pages, etc.
  2. Post how-to questions in Community Q&A.
  3. Attend a local analytics-focused webinar or Meetup or review archives
  4. Open a technical support case.
  5. Browse the extensive Technical Publications

Essential Resources:

  1. Bookmark the Customer Success Center -- a digital Spotfire Newsletter updated bi-weekly
  2. Register for Dr. Spotfire -- a free monthly "office hours" for all things Spotfire: ask questions, share tips & tricks, and discover powerful features you might've missed. (Watch previous sessions.)
  3. Browse the Spotfire Wiki to find helpful articles. (We recommend Spotfire Tips & Tricks.)
  4. Learn nearly everything you'll need to create powerful visualizations.
  5. Extend the core functionality of analytics with custom components, automation and add-ons using the TIBCO Exchange.

Use Cases & Demos:

  1. Check out the interactive demo library. (We recommend the important work performed for better understanding homelessness.)
  2. Access industry specific use cases.
  3. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport wins championships with data and analytics.
  4. TIBCO Streaming Analytics: introduction & demo
  5. Getting Started with Statistica

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