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2:04am Jan 26, 2022

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This page is your guide to create, configure and interact with standard, custom and embedded visualizations in TIBCO Spotfire®. To visualize data on mobile devices, see the TIBCO Spotfire® Mobile page.

Standard Visualizations

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Dashboards & Visual Design

Specific Visualizations Topics


Text area

Bar chart

Waterfall chart

Waterfall charts are commonly used in financial analysis, but are useful for other use cases as well when you need to show how different component factors contribute to a final result.

Line chart

Line charts make it very easy to visualize data over time but there are some more advanced scenarios where some tips and tricks may be needed.

Scatter plot

Map chart

Map chart in Spotfire is incredibly flexible and has its own section on the Spotfire wiki: TIBCO Location Analytics wiki page.

KPI chart

KPI chart is an effective way of presenting numbers, comparative values and status of KPIs, on mobile, web or desktop Spotfire applications.

Pareto chart

Pareto chart contains both bars and a line graph, where individual values are represented in descending order by bars, and the cumulative total is represented by the line.

Beeswarm Plot

Beeswarm plots are great to show both the overall distribution of a variable and the individual data points.

Gantt chart

Gantt chart is now available as a mod for TIBCO Spotfire® 11.4 LTS and later from the TIBCO Community Exchange.
Gantt chart is a graphical representation of the tasks or activities along with resources required to complete a job or project. It is used to show ranges of start and end dates of activities or tasks and the relationships between them so as to pinpoint bottlenecks and assign priorities.

Donut chart

Donut chart is now available as a mod for TIBCO Spotfire® 11.4 LTS and layer from the TIBCO Community Exchange.
Donut charts are identical to Pie charts with the exception of a blank center used to display additional, related data.

Custom Visualizations

Spotfire 11 introduces a new concept called Mods, a lightweight, cloud-ready extension framework, that gives you the ability to rapidly build shareable, reusable components that add new functionality to Spotfire and can tailor Spotfire applications to any industry and any role. Create your own visualizations using Javascript chart libraries such as D3, Highcharts, Google Charts, ZoomCharts and others.

For Spotfire versions that do not support Mods, the JavaScript Visualization Framework (JSViz) is a Custom Extension for TIBCO Spotfire that allows users to create their own visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as d3 but still allow them to seamlessly integrate with the Spotfire platform.

Embedded Visualizations

You can embed Spotfire visualization in a website using the JavaScript API.

Tips & Tricks with Spotfire

Find many resources and learn how easy it is to do things you may not have known about.

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