What's New in TIBCO® Data Virtualization
Last updated:
12:10pm Nov 30, 2018

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 8.0

Performance / Scalability

  • New Massively Parallel Processing Engine - A new massively parallel processing engine (MPPE) has been added to optimize large federated queries that access and combine data sets from multiple data sources.  The new engine will balance processing across available processors across the entire cluster rather than routing requests to specific cluster nodes. This will allow customers to scale their DV environment to handle much larger data volumes (100s of millions of rows and above).
  • Granular Workload Management - New granular workload management policies allow admins to set up limits for memory usage, request time limits and row limits either at the user or group level or published object level to limit problematic requests and maximize service level agreements.

Server Updates

  • New JSON Formatting Functions - New functions have been introduced to allow developers to product customized JSON from SQL views or procedures.  JSON arrays and objects and aggregations of each are supported to allow complete customization of the JSON outputted from a data set.
  • New Encryption - Enhanced AES encryption has been added for server level and data source passwords.

Studio / Developer Updates

  • Code Editor Improvements - The Studio code editors have been updated to include line numbers and auto complete for function name and path lookups.

Client Updates

  • Power BI Direct Query Support - TDV now ships with a new PowerBI Driver that supports direct query mode in PowerBI Desktop.  The PowerBI adapter is located in <INSTALL_DIR>/apps/PowerBI.

Data Source Updates

New adapters have been added for the following data sources:

  • Apache Spark SQL
  • Elasticsearch
  • CDH Hive and CDH Impala
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Drive

The following adapters have been updated with newer versions and updated SQL capabilities:

  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Impala
  • Excel Services 2010

Other Updates

  • For published web services, there is now the ability to add or rewrite HTTP response headers
  • Reading and write HTTP Header into client property for SOAP data sources is now supported so that cookies with a session ID can be sent in subsequent requests
  • There is now support for Subject Alternative Name when configuring security certificates
  • The server will now push UNION to SQL Server even if there is an NLS data type mismatch between columns
  • Introspection of Impala data sources now identifies the partitioned columns
  • When using the DROP IF EXISTS DDL statement via JDBC/ODBC, there server now drops all objects at all 3 layers (published, TDV data source and database)
  • With the SAP BW BEx adapter there is support for multiple structures on the columns axis
  • The DECFLOAT data type is now supported for DB2 LUW
  • There is now the ability to set custom encryption keys during the server installation
  • There is now the ability to change the repository and cache database port numbers after installation
  • The ADO.net driver now supports Visual Studio 2012 and 2015
  • Internet Explorer 11 is now supported as a client browser


  • Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported for all web clients
  • Solaris ODBC drivers are no longer supported
  • Windows Server 2003 x64 is no longer supported as a server OS
  • CentOS 5.X x64 is no longer supported as a server OS
  • Solaris platform is no longer supported as a server OS
  • HPUX ODBC drivers are no longer supported
  • JDBC driver support for JRE 1.6 clients are no longer supported

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.8

Server Updates

  • Faster Cluster Join Operation - A new cluster node join operation has been introduced to drastically speed up the cluster join operation.  This is a key benefit for large deployments (thousands to millions of resources per node) when nodes need to be added quickly.  
  • Constrained Delegation Support for JDBC Driver - Client applications using kerberos with the JDBC driver can now enable constrained delegation.

Data Source Updates

  • New IBM DB2 LUW V11 adapter - Support for DB2 LUW v11 has been added.  All levels of support have been updated (data source, cache, data ship and kerberos)
  • New IBM DB2 z/OS v11 adapter - Support for DB2 z/OS v11 as a data source has been added.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Updates - For SQL Server versions 2012 and higher, the query engine will push OFFSET and FETCH functions.
  • Hive and Impala Updates - A new query engine capability for "IN clause" has been added for Impala/Hive adapters.

Client Updates

  • Microsoft Power BI Support -  Support for Power BI Desktop with ‘import mode’ only has been enabled tested against the PowerBI generic ODBC source with the TDV ODBC driver.
  • New Lineage API for Data Source Information - A new system API has been enabled that shows the underlying data source platform of published tables.  For federated published tables this will be blank. For pass through scenarios, this will show the data source platform so that client applications can optimize SQL and function support.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.7

Server Updates

  • The server has been updated to scale to much larger amounts of resource definitions (multiple millions) of metadata in Studio UI and Repository
  • There is a manual-tune options for metadata cache size to support larger amounts of resource definitions
  • Semi-join can now be pushed to multiple data sources
  • The target namespace definition can now be moved to the top-level element in published web service response
  • The server now supports SNMP v3 for integration with third-party notification systems

Procedural Updates

  • There is a new parameter in the RBS procedure signature to pass in the current resource's full name for the current execution
  • Design by Example functionality is now supported for introspected procedures
  • There are now functions to return constants for current username and user domain when writing procedural code
  • Add an environment variable to retrieve path and name information of a procedure

Data Source Updates

  • The Greenplum adapter has been updated to support the following:

    • Kerberos Authentication
    • Data Ship Join Optimization
    • Updated push down capabilities
  • Google Big Query Adapter has been optimized to push down many more functions
  • The Query Band feature for Teradata allows using all of the exposed properties on the server
  • For SAP BW BEx data sources there is now an indication in the UI, whether an input field is mandatory or not
  • SQL Server 2016 is now supported as a data source, cache target and data ship target
  • When using Kerberos with the SQL Server adapter it now supports specifying a keytab  file instead of username/password
  • These adapters have been updated to newer versions:
    • Active Directory, Apache HBase, Cassandra, Couchbase, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP, Dynamics Nav, DynamoDB, Eloqua, Email, Excel Services, Excel Services 2010, Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Twitter

Deployment Manager Updates

  • There is now a specific role for users who need to use the Deployment Manager so they do not have to  be members of the admin group
  • Individual published resources can now be added to resource bundles
  • The Deployment Manager UI now allows individual published resource(s) to be dragged and dropped into resource bundles

Third-Party Updates

  • Server, Business Directory and Studio now use JRE 1.8.0_172.
  • A new JDBC driver has been added for JRE 1.8 clients (csjdbc.jar).  JDBC drivers for JRE 1.7 (csjdbc7.jar) and JRE 1.6 (csjdbc6.jar) clients are still available.
  • Cache and Repository databases have been updated to Postgres 9.6.8.
  • Jetty server has been updated to 9.2.22.v20170606.


  • The TDV Server and Business Directory no longer support OpenSUSE 10.x
  • 32-bit versions for TDV Server and Business Directory for all platforms are no longer available.  There are still 32-bit and 64-bit versions for the Studio and ODBC drivers on AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.6

TIBCO® Data Virtualization 7.0.6 (TDV) is the first release of the data virtualization product at TIBCO Software Inc.  This release incorporates the TIBCO branding, new simplified packaging and some fixes for MongoDB and Cassandra adapters.

TIBCO® Branding

All Cisco images, splash screens and directories have now been replaced with TIBCO images.  Directories are updated for new installs but will not be changed for upgrades from prior versions.

New Packaging

Now under TIBCO®, the packaging has been greatly simplified. TDV 7.0.6 will be sold by processor for all environment types.  All add-ons under Cisco for adapter bundles, cluster and business directory are now included in the base package.  The standard TIBCO options for prod, non-prod, prodplus and dev/test will be offered.  Prodplus allows use of a specifed number of dev/test and failover/backup cores per production core purchased.  For more information, please contact your account manager.

Updates to MongoDB and Cassandra adapters

The MongoDB and Cassandra adapters have been updated to fix issues with the data source hierarchy.  Please review the release notes up on eDelivery under TIBCO® Data Virtualization for more information on these fixes as well as other fixes included in this release.