What's new - TIBCO Simplr® release notes
Last updated:
8:30am Jan 31, 2018

What's new in the January 26, 2018 Release

Existing Connectors

Amazon Redshift new action

  • get rows with custom query

  Microsoft SQL Server new action

  • get rows with custom query

  MySQL new action

  • get rows with custom query

  PostgreSQL new action

  • get rows with custom query


Fixed the logout error that when users login through Google login and the pages are idle for quite long and users do nothing and then logout, the error page comes up. This issue is now fixed.

Facebook connector
The issue related to the action “get page insights”: List is not displayed for "For these pages" field.

Box connector
The logic was changed to overwrite the file that was getting the warning message when the file exist.

Tips and Gotchas

Google Contacts,Drive and Sheets connectors
Google has started a new process for other applications to access their APIs. The result is that a warning message will pop up when creating a new connection. See this article for more information:


When you see the warning message, click the Advanced link to go to tibco.com. Then click Allow the access.

For things to keep in mind from previous releases, see What was new in previous releases.