What's New in TIBCO Spotfire® 10.6

Last updated:
4:08pm Nov 26, 2019

TIBCO Spotfire 10.6 adds the ability to visualize and analyze streaming data in the Spotfire web clients (Spotfire Consumer and Business Author), this is the most requested feature in streaming visual analytics since it now becomes very easy to deploy streaming visual analytics applications and dashboards to large user bases. 

In addition, Spotfire 10.6 adds Interactive AI, a new feature that combines visual and advanced analytics that helps you analyze your data faster and easier. Interactive AI is at the intersection of visual analytics and AI, and augments the users analytical capabilites through advanced analytical algorithms that assist the user by inline display of relationships with selected data points and other variables.

Spotifre 10.6 also includes improvements in geo-analytics when using image layers and in data wrangling with Snowflake. 

Other Spotfire releases

Visual Analytics

Streaming Visual Analytics in Spotfire web clients

The Spotfire web client now supports visual analytics for streaming data. This makes it easier to roll-out real-time dashboards and applications to large user bases, enabling further optimization of business processes. With the same ease of use as when working with static data, businesses now have access to self service dashboards and application building for real-time data enabling broad deployment of visual analytics for streaming data in the organization. Admins that need to scale their Spotfire deployment for web based streaming visual analytics should read Scaling streaming visual analytics with TIBCO Spotfire web player.

Configure Alerts for streaming data

In Spotfire Analyst, you can now open the alert configuration UI of Spotfire Data Streams/TIBCO Streaming. In visualizations based on streaming data, the user can just right-click and select the option to open the alert configuration UI. This makes it easier to define and manage alerts for streaming data. Alerts may trigger actions such as sending an email to defined recipient(s).

Single sign on between Spotfire and Spotfire Data Streams

There is now support for configuring single sign on between Spotfire and Spotfire Data Streams using Kerberos. This makes it easier to deploy streaming visual analytics dashboards and applications to large user bases.

Interactive AI - Insights for marked data

In Spotfire Analyst, when the user marks data, the user has the option to view Recommended visualizations that provide insight related to how the marked data differs from the rest of the data. As in the example video below, when selecting a group of markers in a scatter-plot, Spotfire analyses the data and finds that the selected markers differ from the other markers in some aspects. Spotfire then informs the user of this through a set of recommended visualizations and descriptive text. See a short video Filehere.

Disable insight calculations for selected columns

The user now has the ability to inform Spotfire not to calculate insights for a column. This is helpful in case the data contains data that is redundant or otherwise not relevant to what the user is doing.

Streaming demo file embedded with Spotfire analyst

A new demo file now comes with Spotfire Analyst. The demo file shows streaming data using static data as reference.

Georeferenced Images on Map Chart

Spotfire now uses the georeferenced information from GeoTIFFs to position an Image Layer automatically rather than having to manually set the extent. Simply add your GeoTIFF image as an Image Layer and Spotfire layers the image at the right location and with the right projection.

Set Map Chart CRS when adding an Image Layer

When adding an Image Layer to a Map Chart you will now be able to configure the coordinate system (CRS) for the full map visualization a lot faster. This is especially useful for anyone using the Map Chart to plot non-geographical data over images.

Library browser improvement

It is now possible to resize the columns when browsing and when viewing in library search results in the Browse library section of the Spotfire 10 '+' menu.

Data Wrangling

More Snowflake Data Warehouse functions

We have added 50+ new analytical functions to the built-in Snowflake connector. This enables you to push more calculations into Snowflake which reduces the need to extract row level data from Snowflake into Spotfire's data engine.


Support Windows Server 2019

Spotfire now supports deployment on Windows Server 2019.

Support Oracle 19c

Spotfire now supports Oracle 19c as Spotfire Server Database. 

Oracle Database 19c is the final, and therefore 'long term support' release of the Oracle Database 12c family of products