Where to find geographic data sources for Spotfire?
Last updated:
6:00am Jul 25, 2016


TIBCO Spotfire comes with a selection of geocoding hierarchies stored in the library but you can also use your own geocoding tables using shape files (.shp) or data tables.
Click here to learn how to setup a dataset as new geocoding table in your Spotfire library.

You can find many geographic data sources on the web. Here are some of them you can use. Feel free to share any new source using the comments and I'll add them to the list.

Location datasets

Coverage Source Description
Worldwide GADM Administrative boundaries at countries and lower level subdivisions.
Worldwide Geonames Over 11M placenames covering all countries.
Worldwide DIVA-GIS Administrative boundaries at countries and lower level subdivisions.
Worldwide Natural Earth World map data.
Worldwide Geofabrik Shapefiles for each countries from OpenStreetMap data
Australia Australian Bureau of Statistics State, Statistical Area (1, 2, 3, 4), Mesh Blocks
Canada Statistics Canada Provinces/Territories, Electroal Districts, Census Divisions and more
Europe Eurostat NUTS, Urban audits, Countries, Communes, Census
Europe Inspire Geoportal Many administrative units
Europe EuroGeographics European map data.
Finland Statistics Finland Postal Codes
France Governement Français Départements, Codes postaux
Iceland National Registry Address inventory, Land inventory, Nytjaland
Japan National Land Information

Administrative areas, map data

Italy Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale Neighborhoods, Areas, Census, Statistical Areas
Morocco Royaume du maroc Postal Codes (points only)
Niger Institut National de la Statistique Postal Codes
Norway DIFI Postal Codes
Pakistan Pakistan Post Office Department Postal Codes (points only)
Portugal CTT Postal Codes (points only)
Russia Government Urban districts, Municipal Districts
Rwanda NISR Districts, Provinces, Sectors, Cells
United Kingdom UK Ordnance Survey

Postcodes, UK map data

Uruguay Estado Uruguayo Postal Codes
USA US Census Bureau Blocks, Census, Congressional Districts, Cities, CBSA, Counties, School Districts, States, Urban areas, ZIP Codes
USA USGS Area Codes (telephone area codes)