Wiki Page Editor: How to Remove the Table of Contents (TOC) from a Wiki Page.
Last updated:
10:05pm Sep 30, 2017

NOTE: This Article discusses a feature of the Community that only folks with certain roles have available.

Sometimes a Wiki Page is simple enough that a Table of Contents is either Null or Trivial.  Like this one.

So, to keep a page from displaying a blank 'Table of Contents' Header like:

See the empty Table of Contents

You can remove the Table of Contents by editing the page:

Edit the Page

Scroll down to near the bottom of the Edit screen to the TOC Display drop down list:

Find the TOC Display Field

And change it from 'Numbered' to 'No TOC'

Select No TOC

And then Save the Page:

Save the Page

Voilà! The Table of Contents is gone.

The Table of Contents is gone

Feedback (3)

FWIW, this option is only availably to users with the moderator role.

Roy Kiesler 2:42pm Oct. 31, 2016

I'll double check.

Don Johnson 8:39am Aug. 25, 2016

don't see this option on my Wiki Edit Page, is this not available to everyone ?

Joerg Grote 7:16am Aug. 25, 2016