WMS sources for TIBCO Spotfire®
Last updated:
9:31am May 10, 2017


WMS (Web Map Service) is a standard protocol for serving (over the Internet) georeferenced map images which a map server generates using data from a GIS database. The Open Geospatial Consortium developed the specification and first published it in 1999.

WMS is a great way to give more context to your geospatial analysis in TIBCO Spotfire®. It is supported since Spotfire 6.5.

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WMS URL examples:

NWS Current Warnings (Confirmed Operational as of 5/9/2017)





There are many many more to find on the web. One easy way to find publicly available WMS is by searching Google with the following query: "Your data search" "Supported Interfaces:" wms
Example: "View footprint in:" "Supported Interfaces:" wms