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  • 7 Reasons to Extend Your TIBCO RTView Monitors with RTView

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents


    Many organizations have licensed RTView monitoring packages through TIBCO®, an SL Corporation partner. These RTView solutions are targeted specifically for TIBCO BusinessWorks?, TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service?, and TIBCO BusinessEvents®, each monitoring one technology at a time.

    Middleware support teams often struggle with visibility into what some refer to as the middleware ?black box.? TIBCO offers the RTView Monitoring packages to complement and enhance the basic admin tools that come with the middleware technology products. RTView requires minimal configuration and offers many pre-built displays, extensive historical information, pre-configured alerting features, and tools for effectively analyzing key monitoring data.

    If you are working with a single middleware technology, this is all well and good. However, this ?silo? approach to monitoring limits the ability to correlate information across multiple middleware platforms. Most applications are built using a combination of technologies, not just one. This leaves support teams with the task of doing serial analysis of their infrastructure and middleware during a crisis, something that can be highly ineffective and time-consuming.

    Many of our clients have decided that an application-centric vision is critical in day-to-day operations and have upgraded to RTView Enterprise. By providing cross-platform monitoring through the same set of screens and reports, analysis can be conducted in parallel, providing visibility into the interplay between technologies. Your individual RTView monitors essentially serve as plug-ins to the RTView Enterprise platform to provide end-to-end monitoring across your middleware environment. There are several reasons you might choose to do this.

    1. Include other TIBCO and non-TIBCO Technologies in your RTView Enterprise Middleware Monitor

      TIBCO support teams often support several different technologies, some TIBCO and some not TIBCO. It is often desirable to use a single tool to centralize monitoring and alerting whenever possible. Support teams also realize that they need visibility into the upstream and downstream components that impact their environment.

      Here is a partial list of supported technologies that can be easily included in your RTView Enterprise system.


      Click here for a complete list of Solution Packages.

    2. Gain Cross-Platform Application-Centric Visibility to Understand the Impact of Middleware Problems

      Application teams almost always want to be more proactive in their monitoring and alerting. One way our users achieve this is with application and service -centric views of their critical applications.

      These enable them to better understand dependencies and which technologies and components support a critical business service. They also want to understand if a problem occurs in an application, how that will affect other components used by the service.

      The second example provides visibility into the health of all components supporting a business service, including TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service, an Oracle Database, VMware instances and Hosts.

      This enables the support team to understand how performance issues in one or more components in a service may impact other components.

    3. Make Sense of Large Systems with Logical Groupings

      Large, distributed, and complex applications can be difficult to understand because of the sheer size. The RTView Enterprise service model allows users to break down these large environments into logical groupings. Groupings may represent geographic groups, service groups, data centers, or any other logical grouping that makes sense for your business.

      Seeing the data in this way suggests immediate prioritization of support efforts when multiple incidents arise at the same time.

    4. Provide Support Teams with Relevant Alerts

      Alerting can be challenging because of the high volume of alerts and the multiple monitoring tool in use in many organizations. Generally, support teams only want to see the alerts they care about.

      RTView Enterprise enables support teams to consolidate their alerts and filter them by application, service, or technology and to understand if a specific alert is impacting an important service. This makes it much easier to prioritize response and maintain critical SLAs.

    5. Provide Your End users with Custom Displays

      Support teams and admins are often asked to provide information to other classes of users, including business users and app owners.

      RTView Enterprise includes easy-to-use tools for custom display development so you can provide your end users with the information they care about via self-service.

    6. Role-based Visualization for different roles

      Several different types of service displays are provided to enable different teams to access performance information optimized for their role in the organization.

      Data are collected once and then optimized for visualization by team members in different teams such as Application Support, Middleware Support, and Operations ? all looking at the same data but in the right context.

    7. Add Hybrid SaaS Monitoring for TIBCO to your monitoring strategy

      Now you can provide support teams and end users with access to monitoring data anywhere and anytime.

      All current RTView Enterprise customers have free access to RTView Cloud. This is a hybrid SaaS monitoring service that provides browser-based access to your existing, behind-the-firewall monitoring data. RTView Cloud is a great way to complement your existing on-premise RTView Systems without compromising data security.

      Some of the reasons you might want to extend your existing RTView System with RTView Cloud include:

      centralize monitoring data from multiple standalone RTView monitors

      new responsive UI which supports mobile devices

      exciting new custom display designer: RTDraw. With RTDraw, you can create completely custom displays from any modern browser without programming. The service supports design, collaboration, and publishing for your custom displays.

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