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  • Chinmay Gadre
    What's New
    TIBCO Cloud? Integration
    Added support for the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? (EMS) connector.
    Develop / TIBCO Flogo®
    New environment variables: The following environment variables have been introduced in this release: FLOGO_MAPPING_OMIT_NULLS: This variable is used to omit all the keys in the input of an activity which evaluate to null. The default is True.  FLOGO_LOG_ACTIVITY_LEVEL: This variable is used to control the log level of all log activities in a given app. The default is INFO. Specifying the request schema for the DELETE method: In the ReceiveHTTPMessage trigger and the InvokeREST Service, the DELETE operation now supports the use of body with app/json as the request type. You can specify the request schema and pass the body to delete the endpoint. Specifying the request schema for the DELETE method is supported for manual configuration only and not when configured with TIBCO Cloud Mesh and API specification. Response time of InvokeRESTService activity on the activity output: The time taken by the InvokeRESTService activity to receive the response is displayed in the responseTimeInMilliSec parameter of the Output tab. Moving tabs: You can now move a tab to the left or right of any existing tab. Only opened and appended tabs can be moved to the tabs section. The moving of tabs is applicable for the current instance only. Ability to add activity between two activities by dropping over the branch: You can now add an activity in between two activities by directly dropping the activity on the branch label between the two activities. You need not delete the incoming and outgoing connections and reconnect them.
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Cloud? Auditsafe
    Update Audit Event Activity
    The connector allows you to update an audit event on the TIBCO Cloud? AuditSafe server by using the Update Audit Event activity.

    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO® Data Virtualization
    Added new fields, Catalog and Schema, in the settings tab of TDV Query activity. Support Autocomplete Query for TDV Query Activity: The TDV Query Activity supports autocomplete query which displays relevant keywords, table names, and column names that you can select from as you type the query.
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? Added support for the TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) connector in TIBCO Cloud Integration. 
    This connector provides activities and triggers to send, receive, and acknowledge messages to or from TIBCO Enterprise Message Service? (EMS). It also supports Request Reply asynchronous activity.
    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks?
    You can truncate your application logs by using engine variable BW_LOG_LIMIT. You can mention the number value and your logs will be trimmed to that limit . (IPAS-22687) Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plug-ins
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Kafka
    Support to Notify Application Status Added support to notify the application status. If you set the [|].palette.kafka.runtime.validateCredentials JVM argument to true, the application status indicates as StartFailed when an application fails to start.
    Support to Fetch the Last Record on a Kafka topic
    On the GetMessages activity's input tab, you can now include the LastOffset value in the seekTo field to seek the last offset record present on a Kafka topic.
    Support of FlowLimit for the Receiver Activity
    Using this feature you can specify the maximum number of jobs that can be started, before
    suspending the process starter.
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Change Data Capture
    CDC-DB Listener Activity The CDC-DB Listener activity now adds support for the following databases:
    MySQL Database 8.0.x PostgreSQL Database 11.x, 12.x, 13.x, 14.x, and 15.x IBM DB2 for Linux 11.5.x CDC-SAP Listener Activity The CDC-SAP Listener activity allows you to receive full and delta data from SAP data sources or 
    extractors using the SAP ODP 2.0 Framework. The data can either be processed using one or more BW jobs in parallel. The output data can be in XML, JSON, or Avro format. The receipt of data is 
    triggered either using scheduling in BusinessWorks or an event from the SAP system.
    CDC Connection Resource for CDC-SAP Listener Activity
    This plug-in now supports the CDC Connection Resource for CDC-SAP Listener activity that helps to establish client connection and server connection (if enabled). It allows the user to download the schema based on the ODP source.
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for NetSuite
    Asynchronous Request Processing This plug-in now supports asynchronous request processing. The UseAsyncServices checkbox has been added in the NetSuite Add Record activity to process the requests
    NetSuite Get AsyncResult Activity
    A new activity, NetSuite Get AsyncResult, has been added to get the results of an asynchronous request.
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Redis
    Added support for the Redis plug-in in TIBCO Cloud Integration. Redis Command Activity: The plug-in provides a Redis Command activity to create, read, and update the data in different groups (data structures), such as hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, and strings. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for SAP Business Technology Platform
    Added support for the SAP Business Technology Platform plug-in in TIBCO Cloud Integration. Configuration Resource: Using the Configuration Resource, you can configure the connection configuration used for browsing and downloading APIs by the Invoke SAP BTP Service activity runtime. The following authentication types are supported: Basic Authentication OAuth Authentication API Keys Invoke SAP BTP Service activity: The plug-in palette supports the Invoke SAP BTP Service activity for consuming a service in SAP Business Technology Platform. The activity supports DELETE, GET, PATCH, PUT, and POST operations for a service. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for SAP Solutions
    Support for Visual Diff The plug-in can now compare two revisions of a process and its artifacts side by side visually in TIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks?. In the newer revisions, the plug-in highlights changes such as the addition or removal of activities and changes in an activity configuration. For more information about Visual Diff, see TIBCO BusinessWorks? Application Development.
    Support of JMS Topics for Outbound IDocs
    For the IDoc Listener and IDoc Parser activities, JMS Topics are now supported.
    SAP Connection Shared Resource
    For the Client Connection in the SAP Connection shared resource, connection type Websockets is now supported, including support for TLS.1.2.
    Hot Update
    This feature supports updating the module properties for the SAP Connection Shared resource for the Invoke activity only without restarting the application. It is supported with BusinessWorks? Container Edition. For more information, see the Hot Update of Shared Resource topic in the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for SAP Solutions User Guide.
    Open Telemetry
    The plug-in now supports Open Telemetry. It is supported with BusinessWorks and TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition. For more information, see the Open Telemetry Tracing for TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Plug-in for SAP Solutions Palette topic in the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for SAP Solutions User Guide. 
    Read Table Activity
    An asynchronous Read Table activity is now available for the retrieval of records from an SAP table (excluding clustered and pooled tables) or view.  You can select the data with primary keys and output in the XML, JSON, or Avro format.
    Fetch IDOC Schema field
    To fetch IDoc list and download IDoc schema specific to the release segment, a new provision is given in the Fetch IDoc schema section. You need to specify the segment release, otherwise the default value is used which is retrieved using the connection resource used for the IDoc activity.
    Note: If the Download IDoc Schema Specific to SAP Release configuration is unchanged from the default then the functionality of fetching the IDoc list and downloading the IDoc remains the same as in earlier plug-in releases. If the SAP release needs to be different then it is recommended that you maintain accordingly based on the same release maintained in the SAP partner profile.
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for TIBCO Auditsafe
    Update Audit Event Activity The plug-in allows you to update an audit event on the TIBCO Cloud? AuditSafe server by using the Update Audit Event activity.
    Changes in Functionality
    TIBCO Cloud? Integration 
    IPAS-22798 If you want the timestamp of the tibagent log line in UTC timezone, you must set the environment variable LOCAL_TIME_UTC=true using the following command:
    LOCAL_TIME_UTC=true ./tibagent start agent agent37 
    By default, if you do not declare the environment variable (LOCAL_TIME_UTC), it is the same as setting the variable LOCAL_TIME_UTC=false.
    Develop / TIBCO Flogo®
    Validation of flows The way in which flows are validated has changed. 
    Migration and Compatibility
    TIBCO Cloud? Integration
    TIBCO Cloud Integration only supports the most recent version of the Hybrid Agent and one version back. The most recent version of the Hybrid Agent is version 1.8.0, and the prior Hybrid Agent was version 1.7.0.  If you have a Hybrid Agent installed that is older than version 1.7.0, you should install Hybrid Agent version 1.8.0 to ensure the best performance. 
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® 
    Deprecating and End of Support
    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks?
    Removal of DataDirect bundled jars from BusinessStudio for BusinessWorks (AMBW-48116). 
    For more information, see "Migrating existing JDBC applications with Progress DataDirect Drivers" in the TIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks? Bindings and Palettes Reference Guide.
    Before repushing or redeploying the existing Integrate applications, see the TIBCO Business Studio? for BusinessWorks? Bindings and Palettes Reference Guide.
    Closed Issues
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®
    FLOGO-11099  Summary: Formatted Text is not supported in Notes. 
    Summary: The Trigger panel inside a flow does not open when Add Trigger is clicked from
    the flow list page.
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Apache Pulsar
    FGPUL-282 Summary: Intermittent connection logs getting logged in with log level 'WARN" will be now logged with log level "ERROR". 
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Google Cloud SQL
    WIGSQL-105 Summary: For TCI 3.3.1 or higher, if you push a new Flogo application or repush an existing Flogo application which uses TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Google Cloud SQL, the application does not work.
    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks? Plug-ins
    TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Kafka
    BDKF-1159 Summary: When the flowlimit value is set to low when using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? Plug-in for Apache Kafka Receiver activity, consumer threads are continuously created until the memory is utilized to its maximum limit.
    Integrate/TIBCO BusinessWorks?
    AMBW-49223 Summary: The TIBCO Cloud Integration  tibagent log streaming malforms the log content.
    Summary: When an app is stopped manually, sometimes the log file does not record the stop process.

    Chinmay Gadre
    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 59 (December 2023)
    What's New
    Improve visible error reporting for Publish to Partner errors
    We have made the reasons for problems during Publish to partners clearer so that problems caused by incorrect subscription configuration can be diagnosed and resolved quickly.
    If a Publish to partners or Withdraw from partners operation fails, you can hover the mouse over the status icon in the Partner subscriptions view in application administration to view the reason for the problem..
    Closed Issues
    Summary: If an application is published more than once to a partner subscription and then withdrawn, the application-related data from earlier versions is not removed. For example, case work items created using earlier versions of the application are not removed from the partner subscription.
    Related Case ID: 02220057, 02220060
    Summary: If Publish to Partner fails during the pre-processing of RASC for a partner, the partial RASC might be sent anyway.
    Summary: When you try to publish an application in the same subscription, you get an index out of bounds error.
    Related Case ID: 02220060
    Current Known Issues
    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.

    Latest version available for download on eDelivery
    TIBCO EBX® product documentation
    Back to the What's New in EBX® 6.1 page
    Back to the What's New in EBX® landing page
      Table of Contents Data visualization Workflow Permissions Data Modeling Staging Data Integration and Development APIs Matching & Merging Digital Asset Management Performances Miscellaneous Important information for current users before upgrading   Data visualization
    Org Chart: Card tooltip
    Additional fields can be displayed on the card tooltip
    Previously, we could display only two fields on the card tooltip. Now, the tooltip can display up to 5 fields. It allows you to see more details about the node and increase the amount of information visible directly on the graph. The card tooltip is available in standard mode and step by step mode.

    Org Chart: Show more/Show less
    Step by step mode: Improved user experience on nodes with many children
    When having a lot of children to display on the Org Chart in step by step mode, it?s not often necessary to display all nodes at once. To improve the user experience and the navigation on the Org Chart we now initially display a limited number of children nodes. The user can then display more nodes by clicking on the ?Show more? button, or less nodes by clicking on the ?Show less? button.

    Org Chart: Additional Features
    Default view configuration and number of children
    Previous limitations have been removed on this new version. The previous limitation about the change of the default view only possible on the administration has been removed. Now, a dedicated section on the Edit Graph display service is available on the Org Chart to select the default view applied to the graph.

    The number of children nodes is now available on the standard mode of the Org Chart. It was previously available only on the step by step mode.

    API Publish and Unpublish Workflows
    Automate the management of your Workflows
    Previously it was not possible to automate the publication of Workflow models. Now some Java APIs are available to manage your Workflow publications.
    Services permissions on tables
    Permissions on services can be defined for each table separately
    Previously, services permissions could only be configured at dataset level, i.e. for all tables of this dataset. Now, it is possible to define specific services permissions for each table.

    Permissions on hierarchies actions
    Extended ability to define permissions on hierarchies actions
    Previously, permissions on hierarchies actions were limited to Move service and Open link record service. Now, it is possible to define permissions for the following services:
    Associate (attach a node to another one) Detach Move Open link record It can be configured at Dataset level and at Table level. These permissions can also be configured programmatically.

    Scripted permissions enhancements
    Additional information available for scripted permission rules
    It is now possible to define scripted record permissions based on: the current date and time using datetimeNow(), dateNow() and timeNow() functions the workflow input variables when permissions are evaluated during a workflow execution Data Modeling
    Case sensitivity of uniqueness constraints
    More flexibility on uniqueness constraints behavior configuration
    Previously, uniqueness constraints (ability to define that a field or a set of fields should be unique on a table) were case sensitive. Now, it is possible to define in the data model what should be the behavior (case sensitive or case insensitive). By default, it will remain case sensitive.

    Views and Roles
    Staging now supports all views and roles (additional fields and roles inclusion)
    Previously, it was only possible to add the Published views on the staging and the role was limited to its name. Now, all views are available on the staging widget including non-published views. The published views are located under ?View publication? and the non-published views under ?Views?.
    The staging module now manages the full role table (name, documentation and email) and the role inclusion.

    Data Integration and Development APIs
    Data Integration global permission configuration
    Global permission is available for administrator to set restriction for specific user/role
    Previously, it was not possible on the UI to restrict business user's access to certain functions of DINT. Now, administrator can set specific permissions on specific services on Data integration.

    Apply options from the main table for related tables when exporting
    Option settings for related tables will follow settings for the main table when exporting related tables
    Previously, when exporting related data, the default format was always applied for related table(s), regardless of the selected options. Now, Export label options and options affecting data format which are set on the main table are also applied for exported related table.
    It applies to services on UI and API.

    Data transfer from one record to many records
    Split data to one record to many records based on a single field or on many fields
    Previously, DINT only allowed to split a single source field to multiple target fields and vice versa via transformation functions. Now, the user can:
    Split the value of a single field to multiple records. Split the values of a multivalued field to multiple records. Split the values of a combination of fields to many records.  
    RESTful Services
    New categories and operations for Business Objects, pagination improvement
    Business Objects: New operation categories have been introduced to specify that the operation is on a Business Object (data-bo and data-compact-bo). It gives you the ability to: Get the content of a Business Object (select operation) Delete a Business Object It also support OpenAPI operations Other: Pagination improvement: Selector pagination was enriched with three new links for first, previous, and last page navigation Dataset operations: Retrieve associated metadata, such as information about it (creator for example) or the hierarchical structure in case of dataset inheritance Java APIs
    Additions to the public Java API
    Publish / Unpublish one or multiple Workflow model(s) thanks to the new WorkflowPublisher interface New API to build URIs for Business Objects (in CategoryURIBuilder) Dependencies to dataset fields: It is now possible to define, in a constraint on table, a dependency to a dataset field (field not under a table). In the context of the incremental validation, this means that any updates performed on the dataset field will imply a full revalidation of the constraint. Matching & Merging
    Ability to register the lists of synonyms and stop words from the UI
    A more user friendly way to register the lists of synonyms and stop words in the Search extension
    In the past only technical users were able to register those lists. Now:
    2 additional sections added to the DMA search extensions The lists can be added manually or via standard csv or xml import. They can also be exported For the synonyms the main word aims to prevent the user from creation of multiple lists for the same items. All the synonyms from the group are considered as matches to each other Once added the lists will be automatically taken into account by the indexing  
    Special characters are preserved when using distance algorithms
    More accurate score is returned for the strings containing special characters
    In the past the special characters (e.g., %$&*(), etc.) was converted into spaces. Now:
    This behavior is applied for JaroWinkler and Levenshtein distance algorithms Score 1.0 is returned when 2 values are the same Multiple white spaces are also kept to compare and will not be replaced by the single white space  
    Fk alignment logs enhancement
    More accurate logs to assist the debug process
    The number of lines has been reduced and clear structure and error messages have been added. Clear error messages have been added to cover various permissions violations at the field node of the table.
    Also, the error messages are written in the logs in case of create/update of the related record permission violation.
    Various enhancements for the survivorship, metadata dataset content and for the API
    The survivor record selection in case there are no or multiple records satisfying the survivorship conditions will now follow a clear rule: it is the lowest PK record that will become golden. The outdated matching selection will be cleansed from the metadata dataset when executing the 'Purge old matching' service. It is now possible get more accurate number of Suspect relationships while querying the Matching Result table. Starting from now, when a Suspect is accepted by the user, the Suspect relationship between the accepted record and any other records from the Matches section will be removed from the Matching result table. The API to get the whole list of the records in the group and the list of the suspects targeting to the group has been optimized to avoid the potential performance issues : several processes have been grouped into a single SQL query.   Digital Asset Management
    Display the attached images in the tile view
    The image assets attached to EBX records can be now integrated into the tile view
    Previously, the user had to input a URL of every image to be displayed. It is now possible to select the media type field corresponding to the desired attachment to be displayed in the tile view.
    For the media type field to be visible in the view configuration, the maximum authorized number of attachments has to be related to 1 in the data model assistant (following the EBX behavior).

    Pagination in the Drive view
    Customize the display and avoid performance issues thanks to the pagination feature
    In the past in was not possible to set the number of assets to display per page. 50 assets were displayed by default while the part was loading. Now:
    Navigation buttons "Go to the beginning", "Previous", "Next", "Go to the end" have been added to the Drive view. The assets are loaded and displayed based on selected pagination similar to EBX tabular view. 'Select all in view' and 'Select all in page' options have been added  
    Matching Performance improvements
    Performance has been improved for the following services
    Merging phase : FK alignment and snapshots removal FK alignment performance has been improved for both Table matching and Business object contexts. The calculation time has been reduced to below 50%. Snapshots (being the root cause of the performance issues) are no longer generated during the merging phase since they are now replaced by the transaction difference API. Index integrity check
    Reduce the instance starting time
    The Index integrity check is the operation that checks that the indexes are not corrupted (aligned with the underlying data). If the indexes are not valid, then a rebuild operation is done. Previously, the integrity check was done at boot time. For large volume of data, the global check could take an important time.
    Now, EBX embraces a ?lazy approach?, meaning that the index check is done when data is accessed the first time, greatly reducing an instance starting time.
    Dataset inheritance and validation
    Define how the validation should be done on child datasets
    In the file, you can now define how the validation in such context should behave (FULL or DIFF): DIFF is more efficient when you have a small volume of changes in child datasets FULL is more efficient when you have a lot of changes in child datasets  
    Container edition
    More content and features on the installer to build different images
    Legacy addons: It is now possible to build an image containing legacy addons (EBX5 Addons migrated to EBX6)
    Multiple architecture support:
    When you are building an image, it is now possible to create an image containing a different architecture than the one that you are currently using. For example, from a MAC M1 using an ARM 64 architecture, you can build an AMD64 image.
    Important information for current users before upgrading
    Introduction of the new ebx-authentication servlet
    Custom directory implementation: If you are currently using a custom directory implementation, an update in your configuration will be required, to take into account this new servlet:
    Enabling cookies and crosscontext for ebx.war and ebx-authentication.war Updating your redirect URI from /ebx to /ebx-authentication Different users in different tabs:
    As cookies are now used, a user will not be able to login with 2 different accounts in different tabs. But the  Incognito mode or the use of a second browser will be supported.
    Supported environments
    Update on the supported components
    Supported databases: PostgreSQL 11 is no longer supported.
    The minimum supported version of PostgreSQL is now 12.
    Supported Java environment:
    JRE 17 and 21 LTS are now supported.
    Support was removed for JRE 11, except for WebLogic 14c where JRE 11 currently remains supported

    Chinmay Gadre
    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 57 (September 2023)
    What's New
    Customization of templates of email tasks in published apps
    Administrators can customize the templates used by email tasks after an application has been published. To allow administrators to customize the content of the template, you must select Yes, allow customization option under the Email tab of an email task in Application Designer. 
    In the Live Apps Administrator, you can see the list of email tasks for which the administrators can customize the templates, when you go to Email > Email tasks. 
    Also, Email configuration button has been renamed to Email settings.
    Copy creator or action process
    You can now copy a creator process or an action process in an application. Click the vertical ellipsis icon of the case creator or action you want to copy, and select Copy.
    Closed Issues
    Summary: In the calculation expressions such as ?Characters at the end of text?, using numbers with decimal places for parameters gives unexpected results at runtime.
    Current Known Issues
    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud? Live Apps.

    Chinmay Gadre
    TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps, Refresh 58 (November 2023)
    What's New
    Automatically use partner TCI service, if available
    We have added the ability to automatically use partner subscription-specific MESH
    services in applications published to partner subscriptions if that service is already
    copied to the partner subscription. 
    For example, if a Flogo application is copied to a partner subscription prior to
    publishing the Live Apps application to the same partner subscription, then this copy of
    the Flogo application will be used on that partner subscription. Otherwise, if there is no
    copy of the Flogo application on the partner subscription, then the original Flogo
    application on the parent subscription is used.
    Also, the copy of the Flogo application can be modified on the partner subscription, but
    not in a way that changes its service interface, that is, the services available and their
    inputs and outputs must be identical to that of the original application.
    Closed Issues
    Summary: The Retry button in the Administrator does not work for a service task.
    Related Case ID: 02205200.
    Summary: The work item notifications card is visible even if you delete it.
    Summary: When you access Live Apps application administration directly from TCI apps list, you get an error when viewing partner subscriptions.
    Current Known Issues
    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps.

    Chinmay Gadre
    What's New
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Oracle Database
    The Connector now supports the following: Added SQL Query Auto Complete feature for the Oracle SQL editor. (WIORA-324) The Auto Complete feature is available for Insert, Update, Delete, and Query activities only. It is not available for the Call Procedure activity. (WIORA-327) You can manage the runtime and design time version upgrades with the flexibility provided to supplement the drivers for design time also. (FLOGO-11316) You must upgrade the supplemented driver to See Adding Connector Supplements section in the User Guide for details. 
    To have the supplemented drivers available at design time, do the following:
    Disable the DB Service. Supplement the drivers. Enable the DB Service again. Re-create the existing Oracle Database Connections. This will not lead to any loss of service for a running app. Migration and Compatibility
    TIBCO Cloud? Integration
    TIBCO Cloud Integration only supports the most recent version of the Hybrid Agent and one version back. The most recent version of the Hybrid Agent is version 1.7.0, and the prior Hybrid Agent was version 1.6.0.  If you have a Hybrid Agent installed that is older than version 1.6.0, you should install Hybrid Agent version 1.7.0 to ensure the best performance. 
    Closed Issues
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo®
    FLOGO-11274 When the DB Service is enabled, a message that the service is disabled successfully is displayed.
    When you export an app and then import it the second time, Multipart data table is removed in the InvokeRestService activity.
    Develop/TIBCO Flogo® Connectors
    TIBCO Flogo® Connector for Oracle Database
    WIORA-286 Apps using the Flogo Connector for Oracle Database fail to execute from the Flow Tester.

    Kurian Kuruvilla
    This article explains how to configure JDBC Connection shared resource in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5 (BW) when the Oracle DB server connection information is stored in LDAP.
    The first step is to identify the LDAP entry that contains the connection information. For this, run ldapsearch with the Oracle Context DN as the base. For example,
    ldapsearch -h ldaphost -p 389 -b "cn=OracleContext,dc=example,dc=com" "(objectclass=*)" cn=OracleContext,dc=example,dc=com objectClass=orclContext cn=OracleContext cn=orcl19tw2012,cn=OracleContext,dc=example,dc=com objectClass=top objectClass=orclNetService cn=orcl19tw2012 orclNetDescString=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=host)(PORT=1521))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=ORCL19TW2012))) In the above example, the Oracle Context DN is cn=OracleContext,dc=example,dc=com and the DN of the entry that contains the connection information is cn=orcl19tw2012,cn=OracleContext,dc=example,dc=com (see the attribute orclNetDescString)
    With the above setup, the URLs would be as follows -
    Oracle JDBC driver
    TIBCO Database Driver Supplement Software

    Chinmay Gadre
    TIBCO Cloud? Nimbus?, Refresh 56 (July 2023)
    Closed Issues
    Summary: The diagram recycle bin purge task doesn't display the icon and task type in the Progress Manager.
    Summary: When you restore or purge an item in the Processes Recycle Bin, the Progress button is not displayed or after you start the operation, there is no reaction in the spinner in the global navigation bar.
    Summary: TCN user permissions are not updated when upgrading a contributor to an author.
    Current Known Issues
    No issues have been reported in this release of TIBCO Cloud? Nimbus?.

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