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  • Amazon EKS Config Maps with TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Config Maps is a feature provided by Kubernetes to decouple configuration artifacts from the image itself making your containers much more portable. Essentially, you are eliminating any hard-coded aspects of your configurations/variables within the design time and taking care of it during runtime. So if you ever have to swap these values/parameters, it's just a matter of changing your configuration document rather than regenerating the EAR file.

    Config Maps on any flavor of Kubernetes are the same (this includes EKS, AKS, etc...). So for this video, we deployed our TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition application onto EKS while using Config Maps. But this can be done on any version of Kubernetes. TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition has native support for Config Maps so there's nothing special/different you need to do to use them.

    For more information about Config Maps check out: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/configure-pod-configmap/ 

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