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  • BW6.X - BWCE - BW5.X - Security - How to manage IP white listing or black listing in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition

    While Security is getting more and more important, both within the Corporate network and in Cloud or Hybrid contexts, IP whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities have been introduced in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition.

    This article aim is to explain how to use this capability available for the HTTP Connector resource since BW 6.6.1 HF 05 but that never got advertized.

    Using IP Whitelisting or Blacklisting

    The IP white list is defined by the following property :

    bw.plugin.http.httpConnector.allowIPs=<IP address>

    The IP black list is defined by the following property :

    bw.plugin.http.httpConnector.restrictIPs=<IP address>

    This property can be set in the appnode or appspace config.ini file, or in a tra file (with the java.property prefix in that case).

    When calling from an unauthorized host an error 403 is returned:


    Response you get when calling from an unauthorized host

    Reference elements

    Reference elements are available in the BW 6.6.1 HF05 readme file :


    Extract from BusinessWorks 6.6.1 HF05 readme file


    IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting capabilities are also available in BusinessWorks 5.X. For details check the Administration Guide, Chapter 8 Custom Engine Properties :

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