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  • BW6.X - BWCE - BW5.X - Where to find end of support dates for TIBCO products

    While supporting a BusinessWorks or a BusinessWorks Container Edition configuration one important point is to make sure that you are using TIBCO products versions that are supported.

    This article is to explain how to check a given product version is supported and if an end of support date is already defined.

    Messaging products

    General elements about Messaging products (TIBCO EMS, TIBCO FTL, and etc…) support are available here:


    Specifically the end of support dates for Messaging products are available in the form of a Google sheet available at the following URL:


    From that page you just need to select the tab corresponding to the product you want to check.

    For example for TIBCO EMS you have to display the EMS tab.


    In the screen shot above you can see that EMS 8.4 is no longer supported.

    In this other example below you can see that EMS 8.6 will be supported under RHEL 8.X until end of December 2024.


    In the additional example below you can see that EMS 10.2, that is the current EMS version, has no end of support date announced for most of the supported platforms. This means it will be supported at the very least for an extra year from the date you are checking and this is very likely to be more.


    Integration products

    End of support dates for Integration products, and other products, are available in the form of a WEB Page available at the following URL:


    Enter the name of the product you are looking for in the Search area, and then look for the version you are using.

    In the example below we can see that BusinessWorks 5.13, 5.13.1 and 5.13.2 will reach end of support at the end of January 2024.


    In this other example below you can see that BusinessWorks 6.6.0 and 6.6.1 are no longer supported since July 2023 but Extended support is available, you can also see that BusinessWorks 6.7.0 will be supported under December 2024 and extended support will be available.

    Extended support is available at an extra cost and it is generally for an extra year of support.


    Note also that on the example above we don’t see Business 6.8.x and 6.9.x which are current versions with no end of support announced. This means those versions will be supported at the very least for an extra year from the date you are checking and this is very likely to be even more.

    In the case you won’t find a product or a version that would be relatively old in the ‘end of support’ page I would suggest to contact a TIBCO representative.

    Reference elements

    Reference elements from TIBCO support about end of support dates:


    Elements about platform support policy:


    General elements about TIBCO support:


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