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  • BW6.X - BWCE - BW5.X - Where to find the tibcosoftwareinc JDBC drivers documentation

    BusinessWorks 6.X and BusinessWorks Container Edition both come with bundled JDBC drivers supporting ORACLE, DB2, SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL.

    These drivers are also available in a BusinessWorks 5.X context after installing the Database Driver supplement, the BusinessWorks license includes access to those drivers for use with BusinessWorks and the TRA components.

    These drivers are bundled with the different BusinessWorks flavors in the scope of an EOM agreement with Progress Software that acquired the drivers from a company called MERANT Datadirect.

    Recent versions of BusinessWorks 6.X and BusinessWorks Container Edition are bundled with the Progress Datadirect drivers 5.1.4 release, this version is also included in the recent versions of the Database Driver supplement for BusinessWorks 5.X.

    The documentation of the drivers is accessible at the following URL:



    The Database Driver supplement for use with BusinessWorks 5.X can be downloaded from the TIBCO edelivery site under the BusinessWorks section:


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