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  • BW6.X - BWCE - How to debug SSL/TLS connections in BusinessWorks and BusinessWorks Container Edition

    Most of the transport protocols supported by BusinessWorks can be secured using SSL/TLS, this includes HTTP and JMS when connecting to EMS or MQSeries.

    While setting up such configuration it is often needed to have SSL/TLS level logs to be able to understand why the connection cannot be established.

    This article explains how to enable the SSL/TLS trace.

    Enabling SSL/TLS trace in the Studio debugger environment

    . Select the Run -> Debug Configuration menu
    . Open the ‘Arguments’ tab
    . Add the following property to the JVM arguments :


    For example:


    Enabling SSL/TLS trace at runtime

    . Open the tra file located in the <TIBCO_HOME>/bw/6.X/domains/<DOMAIN_NAME>/appnodes/<APPSPACE_NAME>/<APPNODE_NAME>/bin folder

    . Add the following line at the end of the file:


    . Start the appnode in nohup mode:

    nohup ./startBWAppNode.sh &

    An alternative to starting the appnode in nohup node is to update the startBWAppNode.sh file, or startBWAppNode.bat file, to redirect the stdout to a file.

    Example in a Linux environment:

    /tibco/bw/6.6/domains/D1/appnodes/AS1/AN1/bin/bwappnode-AN1 — propFile /tibco/bw/6.6/domains/D1/appnodes/AS1/AN1/bin/bwappnode-AN1.tra -config /tibco/bw/6.6/domains/D1/appnodes/AS1/AN1/config.ini -l admin start — innerProcess >appnode_stdout.log

    Additional elements

    The TIBCO Community article below has some useful tips about common SSL/TLS problems :


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