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  • BW6.X - How to refresh application statuses in BusinessWorks 6.X

    An interesting new feature introduced by BusinessWorks 6.7 is the capability to refresh application statuses visible in the TEA, bwadmin and via the bwagent REST API. A good news is that this feature is also available in recent BW 6.6.x hotfixes.

    This blog article is just to explain how to use this feature.

    Installation of recent BW 6.6.X hotfixes

    If you are using BW 6.6.0 or BW 6.6.1 you need to use at least the HF04 (in both cases). To install the hotfix I recommend to follow the explanations provided into this previous blog article :


    Application status refresh from the TEA

    In the TEA the refresh button is accessible on the Agent tab :


    Application status refresh from bwadmin

    In bwadmin there is a new ‘refresh’ command :


    Application status refresh from the REST API

    In the bwagent REST API there is a new ‘refresh’ method :


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