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  • Configuring TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5 to connect to MySQL database over TLS

    This article explains how to configure JDBC Connection shared resource in TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5 to connect to MySQL database over TLS 


    The JDBC driver JAR file (MySQL Connector/J - mysql-connector-j-x.x.x.jar) must be available in bwengine classpath.

    JDBC Driver

    Select com.mysql.jdbc.Driver from the Select driver dropdown.

    Database URL

    To enable TLS with mutual authentication, specify the URL as follows -


    For example,


    sslMode - Set this property to VERIFY_CA to enable SSL and verify server certificate
    trustCertificateKeyStoreUrl -  Full path to the trust store containing the DB server certificate
    trustCertificateKeyStorePassword - Trust store password
    clientCertificateKeyStoreUrl - Full path to the keystore containing the client certificate and private key
    clientCertificateKeyStorePassword - Keystore password

    The trust store and keystore can be specified using the system properties javax.net.ssl.trustStore and javax.net.ssl.keyStore respectively. When using these system properties, specify the URL as follows -


    Add the following properties to designer.tra/bwengine.tra -




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