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  • Digitizing Customer Experiences - A Microservices Perspective

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Use Case

    This article focuses on Customer OnBoarding and how companies can leverage TIBCO's Hybrid integration platform to digitize their Customer OnBoarding process. The demo runs on a Kubernetes cluster and showcases our strengths like being DevOps compliant, Elastic scaling, API-Led design, and many other factors. The key components of this demo can be found below:


    CustomerOnBoarding Kubernetes Setup & UseCase: This video explains how the flow of the use case is set up and how microserivces running on containers are being used for providing compelling customer experiences

    Elastic Scaling: Optimizing infrastructure costs and attaining operational excellence is something every customer is looking for and Elastic scaling 

    Hystrix Monitoring: A demo that walks through how you can set up circuit breaker patterns with Zero Coding and ensure your system is ready for Failures.  

    Configuration Management & Service Discovery: Microservices are more than just containers. It is about embracing an entire Ecosystem that includes open-source tooling like Consul & Eureka for service discovery & configuration management. 

    Microservices Patterns

    Polyglot Persistence ? multiple data sources (Cassandra & PostgresSQL)                                        

    Service Discovery ? discover distributed services by name (Consul)

    Config Management ? manage deployment configuration outside the application (Consul)               

    Circuit Breaker ? prevent service failures from cascading to others (Hystrix)


    CI/CD pipeline ? automated deployment (Maven & Jenkins)

    Runtime Considerations

    Container Management System ? Automated Deployments to Kubernetes

    Elastic Scaling ? Scale on Demand both Horizontally & Vertically (Auto Scaling Groups in AWS & Kubernetes)

    Key Technology components: 

    1) TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition

    2) TIBCO Mashery

    3) TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.X

    4) Consul

    5) Jenkins

    6) Kubernetes on AWS

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