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  • Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) Demo

    Manoj Chaurasia

    The Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) is the key technology foundation for pervasive integration, enabling businesses to derive a Competitive Edge by providing them the Flexibility, Adaptability and Scalability. A key for success to any business in today?s complex world is different integration platforms working together seamlessly. 

    A Hybrid Integration Platform lets organizations provide a compelling customer experience by connecting anything, anyone, and anywhere from the core on-premise systems all the way to edge IoT devices. This demo is intended to showcase how TIBCO's spectrum of integration provides the most advanced Hybrid Integration Platform to its Customers.

    The following slide on a high level depicts the possible components of a Hybrid Integration Platform.


    In the era of cloud, mobile, big data, and IoT, a single integration platform is not sufficient anymore. Businesses now require to integrate with applications that are on-premise and on the cloud. The demo typically showcases the capabilities of the advanced Hybrid Integration Platform capabilities of TIBCO's Integration Spectrum. 

    The demo explains how contact information can be retrieved from Salesforce which is on SFDC Cloud and creating a SalesOrder for that particular Contact (Customer) in SAP system which is on HANA Cloud and an SAP instance on-premise.


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