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  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? v5.x Deployment Process

    Manoj Chaurasia

    The attached document lists the procedures for deploying TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks? 5.x projects onto all environments (Development, Staging, Beta and Production). The intended audience for this document is project administrators and Production Control personnel. Developers can also refer to this document to understand the deployment process. This document covers the initial release and subsequent deployments of projects but not the initial installation or setup of the administration server, domain, or adapters or any application specific deployment procedures (e.g. database changes, application server changes, etc.). This document does not cover the deployment and configuration of other TIBCO Components, such as TIBCO BusinessConnect?, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service?, and TIBCO Hawk®. The reader of this document is suggested to consult the appropriate documentation for the deployment and configuration of other TIBCO components.

    The reader of this document is assumed to have a basic familiarity with TIBCO products, including TIBCO Rendezvous®, TIBCO Administrator?, and ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. Documentation on setting up the development environment and how the files are maintained within ClearCase is described in the TIBCO development/version control document.


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