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  • TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition with Amazon ECS and Fargate

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Amazon recently announced AWS Fargate during Re: Invent 2017.  With Fargate, instead of having to use EC2 instances (VMs), you can use just a container. Fargate provisions a container within the platform itself for your applications without having to deal with all the underlying infrastructure. By using a combination of ECS and Fargate, you will no longer have to worry about keeping your EC2 instances up to date with the latest security patches. Amazon manages the Fargate platform, while still allowing some control to manage your applications.


    Of course, there are some use cases where Fargate won't be the right choice. Let's say your application requires bridge networking, Fargate doesn't support that so you would have to use the traditional ECS + EC2 instances model for those container deployments. Or if you want to have control of the instances that are running your containers, EC2 would be a better choice. But Amazon has done a good job allowing users to use both Fargate and traditional EC2 instance deployments on the same cluster at the same time.

    That being said, TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition allows you to deploy applications to ECS using both "backend" models. ECS + EC2 and ECS + Fargate can be used as deployment platforms with little changes. This ties into the idea that TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition was built to work on your PaaS and IaaS of choice, and even though Fargate was just announced/released a few days ago (November 30th), TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition applications work on it day one.

    Here's a simple video that walks through this process from application design to deployment on ECS with Fargate: 

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