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  • TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition on the AWS Marketplace

    Manoj Chaurasia

    Table of Contents

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition is now available on the AWS Marketplace.  You can quickly and easily create cloud-native integration applications and deploy them on AWS leveraging native features of AWS Elastic Container Service or your choice of Docker-based PaaS build on AWS for container management. Consumption-based pricing model helps you to pay only for the number of containers running per hour. This gives you the flexibility to scale on demand and manage software costs as you go.

    The following videos are intended to be viewed in order as a walkthrough of some of the different features available with the newest offering. More information can be found on our documentation site: Also, if you need more information about TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition + AWS ECS feel free to check out this tutorial also found on the community here.

    How to subscribe to TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition on the AWS Marketplace

    Using a Cloud Formation template to set up an Amazon ECS cluster

    Launch a Cloud Formation template provided by TIBCO to build an Amazon ECS cluster preconfigured to launch your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition applications. You can also download the Cloud Formation template and customize it to suit your needs.

    Using a Cloud Formation template to extend your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition image

    Use a TIBCO-provided Cloud Formation script to install plugins and additional third-party resources to your base TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition Docker image and push it to ECR. This makes it easy to have a centralized location with your most up-to-date image that every developer can use.

    Setting up your development environment

    Download BusinessStudio and plugin installer from S3 to set up your environment for development.

    Develop a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application with the Salesforce plugin

    Build a simple TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application that uses the studio and plugins downloaded from S3.

    Deploy your newly created application onto your ECS cluster

    Deploy your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container application onto your ECS cluster and expose it externally by leveraging an AWS Application Load Balancer.

    Integrating your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application with several AWS services

    Integrate your TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application running on ECS with several AWS services such as CloudWatch for logging, Autoscaling of ECS cluster, and Autoscaling of ECS services (containers).

    Launching a standalone TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition EC2 instance

    Via the AWS Marketplace, launch a standalone EC2 instance through the AMI launch page. This instance will have all the files necessary for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application development and deployment.

    Sample TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application deployment on a standalone EC2 instance

    Take a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition application built locally and deploy it to your standalone EC2 instance.

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