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  • TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition with Amazon EKS

    Manoj Chaurasia

    AWS recently made Amazon EKS generally available to the public in us-east-1 (N. Virginia) and us-west-2 (Oregon) with more regions to come in the future. Essentially, EKS is an easy way to deploy a Kubernetes cluster on AWS, where you don't have to manage the Control Plane nodes; all you need to worry about are the worker nodes. This makes it a lot easier to handle while simplifying the process.  Also, other AWS services integrate directly with EKS, so if you plan to use ECR as your repository you no longer need to worry about access tokens. Or maybe you want to use Cloudwatch for more control on the management/logging side. Either way, you are staying within the AWS ecosystem.

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition (BWCE) was built to work on any PaaS/IaaS, with Amazon EKS being no different. If you?ve built BWCE applications for other PaaS environments (Kubernetes or something else), and want to now deploy them to EKS, it?s just a matter of taking the EAR file generate from BWCE and pushing it to EKS. No need to go back into the BusinessWorks Studio to refactor, or rebuild, it already natively works as built. This way you get the benefits of Amazon's cloud deployment knowledge and experiences coupled with the same CI/CD pipeline you use today, regardless of deployment location.

    Here's a short community post on setting up your EKS cluster with some notes on possible issues you may face.

    The video below goes over how to deploy your BusinessWorks Container Edition application to Amazon EKS. In the future we will also post more advanced videos that highlight certain features!:

    More Advanced Topics:

    Config Maps on EKS:

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