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  • TIBCO® RTView® for TIBCO BusinessWorks?

    Manoj Chaurasia

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    TIBCO® RTView® for TIBCO BusinessWorks? software provides an out-of-the-box centralized view of real-time and historical performance metrics across multiple metrics:

    • TIBCO BusinessWorks? Container Edition and TIBCO BusinessWorks? 6 applications, containers, appnodes, and processes
    • TIBCO BusinessWorks? 5 servers, engines, processes, and activities and presents the results through a mobile-friendly dashboard.

    It includes pre-defined rules and alerts for typical BusinessWorks environments and allows the customization of thresholds and alert management features. The monitor maintains a complete history of performance metrics and alerts for analysis and troubleshooting.

    Turnkey TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring

    • No need to spend your time building displays. TIBCO RTView comes complete with a full suite of monitoring views designed to provide you with the information you need to keep your TIBCO BusinessWorks software up and running 24/7.
    • TIBCO RTView displays are sophisticated yet easy to comprehend, enabling you to resolve issues quickly.
    • Intuitive navigation for key metrics in real-time and history from BusinessWorks applications, containers, appnodes, and processes, or TIBCO BusinessWorks servers, engines, processes, and activities.
    • Eliminate the risk and cost of building and maintaining your own monitoring application.
    • Smartphone and tablet support with responsive design.


    Proactive Alerting

    TIBCO® RTView® for TIBCO BusinessWorks? monitors TIBCO BusinessWorks in real-time, sending alerts even before critical thresholds are crossed so that you can find growing problems BEFORE they become severity-level events.

    • View alert details, component metric detail, and metric history from any device
    • Rich alert history enables deeper understanding and more effective troubleshooting
    • Output alerts to third-party monitoring and ticketing platforms
    • Manage and administer alerts


    History Analysis of Metrics and Alerts

    TIBCO RTView intelligently caches data in memory for instant access and can be stored persistently for long-term capacity analysis. Time-series trend charts easily differentiate between transient spikes and slow-growth trends so users can respond appropriately. Users can even troubleshoot problems after the incident is resolved. Effective troubleshooting requires rich historical information to identify transient issues and understand if a high metric value is a trend or a spike.


    Support for Mobile Devices

    TIBCO® RTView® monitor for TIBCO BusinessWorks? software now has a completely new user interface built on HTML5. Displays and alert information work beautifully on any mobile device so you can stay on top of issues anywhere and anytime.





    Product Demo






    Quick start and documentation: https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-rtview-for-activematrix-businessworks-7-0-0

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