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  • Amazon Alexa - TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Demo Skill

    Deepesh Tiwari

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    Voice gets more and more important to get a quick overview what is happening, adjust some predefined priorities, do a quick approval of something urgent - to do all this without starting and Desktop Application or run a tiny App on a mobile Device makes this Usecase so interessing.

    Here a Unofficial Demo Skill to demonstrate integration between TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM and Amazon Alexa.


    Available Commands

    The Skill is available in English and German, just try them out ... here some samples


    • Alexa, start TIBCO Casemanagement Demo
    • what can I do here
    • my Work Items
    • my Cases


    • Alexa, start TIBCO Vorgangsteuerungs Demo
    • Was kann ich hier machen
    • meine Aufgaben
    • meine Vorgänge

    Installation & Hints

    You like to create your own running Version from this TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM Bot, just follow the Step-by-Step Guide.

    All latest Details and latest Source can be found here ...

    Link: https://github.com/JGrotex/GODev-Alexa-Skill-Samples

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