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  • Apache Proxy for TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM

    Deepesh Tiwari

    The following URL Paths need to be configured in Apache Proxy Configuration for the use with TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM.

    Example Content of Apache 2.x 'conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf'

     #setup proxy for bpm/rest folder     ProxyPass        /bpm/rest      http://bpmhost:8080/bpm/rest nocanon      ProxyPassReverse /bpm/rest      http://bpmhost:8080/bpm/rest nocanon     ProxyPass        /bpm           http://bpmhost:8080/bpm nocanon      ProxyPassReverse /bpm           http://bpmhost:8080/bpm nocanon      #bpmresources     ProxyPass        /bpmresources  http://bpmhost:8080/bpmresources nocanon     ProxyPassReverse /bpmresources  http://bpmhost:8080/bpmresources nocanon  #setup proxy for Openspace folder     ProxyPass        /openspace     http://bpmhost:8080/openspace nocanon     ProxyPassReverse /openspace     http://bpmhost:8080/openspace nocanon      #setup proxy for Workspace folder     ProxyPass        /workspace     http://bpmhost:8080/workspace nocanon     ProxyPassReverse /workspace     http://bpmhost:8080/workspace nocanon  #setup proxy for frameworkRepository folder     ProxyPass        /frameworkRepository  http://bpmhost:8080/frameworkRepository nocanon     ProxyPassReverse /frameworkRepository  http://bpmhost:8080/frameworkRepository nocanon      #setup proxy for APPS folder     ProxyPass        /apps          http://bpmhost:8080/apps nocanon     ProxyPassReverse /apps          http://bpmhost:8080/apps nocanon     

    Get your Proxy for testing here: https://httpd.apache.org/

    : In Production many customers use F5 or nginx (in the meantime a part of F5, too)

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