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  • TIBCO® BPM Application Development

    Vikas Kumar 9

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    This is where you are able to create and develop using out of the box components and component services and test custom user interface applications hosted in TIBCO® BPM. Upload and edit your application files, test, and verify your changes without having to deploy the complete application to a TIBCO® BPM server. Using Application Management you can customize your applications, and make layout, markup, and style sheet (CSS) changes.

    Once your application is published, it automatically provides support for devices, such as Smart Phone, Tablet, and PC.


    Resources BPMe 4.x

    • Create Your First Application - This video demonstrates how to create and customize a new application, based on the Component Showcase application provided with Application Management.
    • you are still on BPMe 4.x - be sure to check out the Case Management Accelerator - with this accelerator you can create your first Case Management App in minutes.

    Resources BPMe 5.x

    Any contribution is welcome!

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