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  • TIBCO® BPM Automation

    Vikas Kumar 9

    TIBCO® BPM allows to automate and orchestrate End2End Business Procedures, as Straight Through Processing and/or with Human Interaction e.g. for Exception Handling.

    Available BPMN Patterns for Process Automation (extract)

    • Service Procedures
    • auto-generated Data Service API's (REST/SOAP)
    • Services Activities (e.g. REST/SOAP to call Backend Microservices)
    • Message Events and Signals
    • Compensation
    • auto-retry features
    • Error Catch and Throw
    • graphical Datamapper and Transformation
    • central Global Data Store

    just a work in progress ... Any contribution is welcome!

    Integration into and out of BPME is critical capabilities. Please see the attached document that will give you some help in doing this.

    Download bpme_how_to_guide.pdf from resources at bottom of the page.

    Also attached are 2 projects. The first is a BW6 project that shows the service calls into BPM and the second is a BPME 5 project that shows the Rest call from a form. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at mmyburgh@tibco.com.

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