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  • TIBCO® BPM Data Modeling

    Vikas Kumar 9

    database-icon_1.png.47f52495027751131458751c9e0b9ec7.pngBusiness Process Management Data Modeling

    Every Business is based on Data. It needs Data from Input Channels and it generates Data for People and the Backend System. TIBCO® BPM comes with serval Options for Data handling inside Cases and Procedures.

    The Engine in Datahandling distinguishes between Data the lives in:

    • Short and long-running Procedures (Instance Data)
    • Case Data that is shared between Procedures (Global Data)

    Instance Data can be just a simple flat Data-Field or a complex Structure of Data,


    and Global Data is always structured data persisted in searchable relational database Tables.

    Screenshot of a structured Global Case Data Sample Definition:


    Hints, Tips & Tricks

    just work in progress - will be available soon ... Any contribution is welcome!

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