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    Vikas Kumar 9

    forms_0.png.e52c9b5f6e730c3bd3f87098a065345e.png Form customization Options 

    Working with Forms Overview

    the model-driven form of TIBCO BPM is very powerful, as it can easily be extended with Features using Custom Controls, on the other hand, they can be styled using standard CSS and structured using Panes, Tabs, modal-dialogs and reusable embedded Form Components.

    Together with the Pageflow Features of the Engine this a combination that could solve a lot of Business Needs quickly.

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    Area for CSS enrichments and Samples

    Custom Controls

    Custom Form Controls Library, following the here documented powerful extension Feature.

    Modifications (mods)

    general Form rendering modification using Javascript, e.g. adding standardized Functionalities


    Any contribution is welcome!

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