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  • TIBCO® BPM Integration

    Vikas Kumar 9

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    plug-icon_0.png.a4a1ba9fe617ec3c424ffebe1f224635.png Integration

    TIBCO BusinessWorks? 


    TIBCO® BPM comes with Integration features such as SOAP, REST, JAVA, and SQL, plus powerful features like service procedures for service orchestration, and graphical data mappers.

    On Top of this, TIBCO BusinessWorks?, and its adapters and plugins can be used to design reusable business functions or implement business logic as Microservices to systems such as SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint, Twitter, and Facebook. If it comes to big data structures and complex transformations + calculations TIBCO BusinessWorks? is often the better choice.


    Click Here for information on BusinessWorks version 5

    Click Here for information on BusinessWorks version 6

    Use Cases

    BusinessWorks Sample Use Cases:

    • TIBCO® BPM generating a WSDL, and invoking operations of a Web Service done in TIBCO BusinessWorks? (contract first)
    • BusinessWorks exposing a Web Service and providing a WSDL invoked by TIBCO BPM (contract last)
    • BusinessWorks starting a BPM process instance (i.e. file polling triggering a process instance)
    • BusinessWorks invoking BPM API (i.e. to automate BPM actions, trigger Process Events, etc.)
    • BusinessWorks receiving events over JMS published by BPM event collector. (i.e. to update over System or for Monitoring of specific Events)
    • BusinessWorks exposing a REST service, invoked by BPM Forms


    A List of Samples will be constantly extended:

    • soon ...

    TIBCO Cloud? Integration


    If your system is running in the Cloud, it makes sense to use Integration Tools running in the Cloud as well. Systems like Salesforce to manage Opportunities, Twilio to send an SMS, execute a TIBCO Cloud? LiveApps activity, etc. 

    Use Cases

    TIBCO Cloud Integration sample use cases:

    • Creation of TIBCO Cloud Integration API specs, for use in TIBCO Cloud Integration and to import partially into BPM.
    • BPM calls a service running on TIBCO Cloud Integration.
    • TIBCO Cloud Integration starts a procedure instance in BPM.
    • TIBCO Cloud Integration updates a case instance in BPM.


    List of Samples will be constantly extended:

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix Mediations


    The TIBCO ActiveMatrix 4.x integrated option of using Mediations is valid Options for Data Transformations, it runs very quickly and uses simple Virtualisation Bindings that need no additional configurations within a TIBCO ActiveMatrix Environment.

    But as soon as other Systems have to be connected, often using TIBCO BusinessWorks with all his Plugins is the better choice.


    Any contribution is welcome!

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