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  • TIBCO® BPM Organization Modeling

    Vikas Kumar 9

    person-icon.png.a4eb090b70b4e825c6ad4dacbaa35762.pngBusiness Process Management Organisational Structures

    TIBCO® BPM allows designing Organisational Structures and Privileges for any Business Need very specifically and individual.


    To allow this the needed Structures and any Attributes can be designed for any Company Business Unit.

    Organizational Structure Patterns, at designtime:

    • hierarchical Structures (e.g. who is Manager or Teamlead of a Resource)
    • privileges (e.g. Approval Level, specific funtions only available to Teamleads)
    • capabilities (e.g. Resource Skills, speaking Languages)
    • individual Attributes (e.g. Resource Email, Team, ...)
    • dynamically generates Substructures


      (e.g. for Branch Offices)

    At runtime, this Structure can be feed and/or synchronized by an enterprise LDAP Tree.

    TIBCO Business Studio Sample Screenshot of an Organization Model


    just work in progress - will be available soon ... Any contribution is welcome!

    Other Resources / Hints

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