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  • Configure the Case Management Accelerator for your own case model

    Sucheta S

    The Case Management Accelerator is pre-configured with default case templates so that it works out of the box for any case model you deploy.

    We suggest you start with the bundled ServiceRequest sample case model and actions - but what do you do when you want to create your own case model definition?

    All you need to do is use the appdev console (http://localhost:8080/apps) to edit the CaseManager.config.json file inside the application to point to your case model. Double click the Case Manager application, then double click CaseManager.config.json:

    Just change line 5 - appName to the application for your case model.

    When you make a change to CaseManager.config.json, save it then you can test the change using the test app URL:


    When your happy with the change just publish the application from the appdev console and your changed application will be available on http://localhost:8080/apps/CaseManager/index.html

    You can then deploy your own actions and business services to create and manage your cases using the OOTB capabilities. Note that when you open a case you will see the top level attributes from your case model.

    If you want to change the look and feel of the case screen - that is when you need to consider "custom-templates'.


    - When editing Case Manager app you can use RADJAD rather than directly editing the app in CaseManagement UI - radjad lets you use an external tool to edit the files and see live edits without deploy

    - When you create your data model, make sure you select relevant attributes as searchable (check searchable option on each attribute's property tab) - this determines which attributes appear in the search component to use for search parameters

    - When you create your data model, make sure you add relevant attributes to the case summary tab as shown below - this determines which attributes are shown in the search case results list


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