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  • Customer Portal for energy provider and municipal utilities

    Vikas Kumar 9

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    Customer Portal for energy provider and municipal utilities in Germany, build based on TIBCO® BPM with standard UI's or TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 4.x and the Case-Management Accelerator. Sample Solution is fully model-driven in Data Structure, available Actions, and Forms. Next, the UI is thanks to the BPM Application Development Framework and used AngularJS fully customizable in the look and feel. 

     no TIBCO Business Studio Project yet (sorry)

     see attached TIBCO Business Studio Projects


    see attached TIBCO Business Studio Projects ... no Video yet (sorry)

    Data Model

    the global Case-Management Data Model contains, Customer Contact and Contract Data, together with States.


    Business Services

    BPM Business Services used to create e.g. a new Business Customer Account.



    BPM Case Actions are available to update contact and contract Data. 



    base on the Data Model-driven Form definitions, customizable in CSS and enrich able by using advanced custom controls.



    Full TIBCO Business Studio Sample Project implementation, available as Wiki Page attachment.

    Remark: This is just a Version 1.0 alpha Sample Implementation, with left areas of improvement. 


    Download attachments from resources



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