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  • Dynamic Subprocess Calls

    Vikas Kumar 9

    Use process interface for sub processes that will probably change internally in the future.

    Process interface establishes a contract between parent and sub-process. It is mandatory for dynamic sub-processes but also interesting for sub-processes that can change.


    • simplify process migration
    • increase reusability & exchangeability

    Separate process interfaces of sub processes in other (extra) TIBCO Business Studio? Projects.

    This will decouple dynamic sub-processes at runtime and allows deployment of subparts without affecting the main procedures. (?getting out of sync.?)


    • simplify deployment
    • increase flexibility

    Interfaces, and dynamic Subprocedures

    There are many reasons of using Interfaces and dynamic Subprocedures

    Split against following rules:

    • Separate different Business Areas
    • Separate different Backends
    • Separate different topics i.e. Credit, Check, Contract, etc.
    • Reuse for different Main Procedures
    • Reuse BOMs where Possible
    • Do not use this Interface Pattern for technically Subprocedures that will never change, e.g. BPM Configuration Data loading 

    Benefit, separation simplifies:

    • Working in a Team, especially XPDLs
    • Deployment of Projects
    • Sub Procedures can be deployed independently.
    • Faster Deployment of Updates
    • Migration benefit is two-fold:
      • No need to migrate short lived sub-procedures when the procedure has changed, the main procedure will automatically call the latest sub-procedure deployed.
      • If migration is necessary, ability to migrate processes independent of main processes
    • Faster Node startup

                            ... and it add?s flexibility!

    How To

    1. create Sub procedures using Process Interface Projects


    2. Use a Runtime Identifier Field to specify the Process Path


    3. Use Initial Value to configure Process Path, avoids later typo?s and issues because of them
    4. Use for every Subprocess another Runtime Identifier Field
    5. Store Process Interface, Subprocess, and Main Process into different Projects (here at least 3 BS Projects)

    Sample can be found here ...

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