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  • enable MobileSpace UI

    Vikas Kumar 9

    TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM Mobilespace

    enable BS Mobile Forms

    Mobile Presentation Channel need to enable for Projects where the Mobile Rendering is necessary.

    Target is not completely true, the Client is working on iPhone & Android Devices, too.


    Remark: Android is currently not officially supported, but runs pretty well! (status AMX BPM v.2.0.0)

    Calling Mobile Web Client

    The following URL attribute needs to set, to render the Forms correctly on a mobile device, i.e.:

    "http://<your host>:8080/openspace/mobile/mobile.html?tibco_channel=mobile"

    mobile1_0.png.f52aa534b1751b7f359866e84217e1c9.png  mobile2.png.487e9eb35623dd8bffe4140c34fec04b.png

    Remark: Business Studio Forms rendering allows a special Mobil Channel Rendering that puts all panes into selectable areas e.g. for small Mobile Displays, but normal Form Rendering is supported as well e.g. for Tablets with a bigger display.

    Logo & Color change

    Modifying MobileSpace

    First, modify the mobile.css file in the amx-bpm data directory as follows:

    [AMX BPM config root]\amx-bpm\tibco\data\tibcohost\Admin-AMX BPM-AMX BPM Server\host\plugins\com.tibco.openspace.login_1.2.0.033\resources\mobile

    I couldn?t find out how to point to a difference mobile space logo, so I backed up openspace_logo.png in the following directory, and updated it with a new one.

    [AMX BPM config root]\amx-bpm\tibco\data\tibcohost\Admin-AMX BPM-AMX BPM Server\host\plugins\com.tibco.openspace.login_1.2.0.033\resources\mobile\images

    Please remember that the C:\ProgramData\amx-bpm directory may be slightly different on your installation

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